anyone have any pointers on cleaning up machine trim?

Have some machine trim that is a nightmare to clean up. I warm soak in 190-200 proof for 15 minutes. Carbon scrub, filter and winterize 3x. Normally its pretty good, but lately not the case. So much shit in it. I’ve winterized it 5x at -25°c and finally got it clear. I roto to about 5:1 etoh:crude and filter slow over b80, carbon, and aa. Its such a long process. Looking for any tips to clean it up faster. Cryo washes are not an option currently. Thanks in advance.

I run machine trim exclusively.

What are you trying to have as an end result?

Crude for distillate. It takes me like a fuckin week to get 10# into clean crude. Need to expedite the process with how dirty this shit comes back.

I use dry ice to keep cryo cold and a freezer.

Machine trim is horrible since it has more broken up surface area for lipids/waxes/chylorphyl to be released.

AO stops lipids and waxes during winterizing

Ao, you mean aa?

Also, dry ice is limited to spd and bho.:-1:

Alumnium Oxide

You’ll need a few chest freezers if no di is available

Is this the same for fresh frozen milled biomass?
How would you do large amounts other than some form of milling or trimming?