Anyone have a spray dryer that we can pay to have our solution spray dried into a powder?

Looking to help fill a powder contract. Looking to see if anyone offers this as a service.

Hit me up!

Yes. I have a guy in Santa Cruz who can run this for you.

we have a food company in Mankato MN that can do it. we are testing it this week.

You can do it with fats and malto as well by hand. I used to do this all the time. Mixed it in coffee and all kinds of shit.

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If they’re open to it I’d recommend @GramsDistribution

Thanks @SISU !

Yes, if anyone here has any need for conversion of isolate/distillate ( CBD ) we can absolutely help , If you are talking THC, we need to send one of our chemists out to a registered facility. Happy to help either way.

Thanks in advance!

-Josh Jordan