Anyone have a opinion on HFS vacuum ovens.

Hey everyone. Thanks for all the info on this site. I’m looking at vacuum ovens need some opinions on HFS. 1.9 with pump $1700. Seems pretty reasonable due to the availability of pumps at bvv and price of AI or dream oven from cascade. Thanks to everyone in advance

My friend has an HFS oven that I have been borrowing for the past 2 months. I
HATE it!!! The trays are thin and smaller than my other ovens. What I get in 3 trays in my AI 1.9s gets spread over 5 trays in the HFS, and I don’t feel like it heats evenly. The top and bottom trays almost always wax up on me.

These things i listed I can deal with. Not the deal breaker. The dealbreaker issue i have with the HFS is the controls. The vacuum port has a simple on/off knob that is fine, but the vent valve is this weird black wheel with a hole in it and an arrow drawn on it. The arrow faces up its closed, the arrow to the right, uncovered a hole in the stem, and the hole on the knob overlaps it and vents into the oven. I may be wrong, but there is no way to backfill from it. The main problem i have with the vent though, is that the opening for it inside the oven is on the top corner of the interior, which means even when vented softly, your parchment starts flying everywhere on the top shelf. Even when working carefully i have regular accidents involving the top slab flying up into the roof of the oven, or the paper folding over onto itself


Right on thank you. Sounds like you don’t like it much. lol. Also sounds like you have no regrets with the AI 1.9. Thanks again

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I have 2 1.9 hfs. IDK how old the oven the poster above me is using. But mine share none of those issues. Including the vent hole. Which is in the very bottom under every tray. I can easily and I mean EASILY fit 160g per tray. The new ovens they have on their site for 2k with pump has a backfill. Also has 12 trays. Ai unit was lame when I looked at it but have no experience with it

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HI there!

Have you heard about Lab X:

They are kind of the Ebay of lab equipment. There are some really good items there. I can get you into an economy vac oven at 2 cu.ft for about $2500.

I have three daughters and they are all my favorite!


Would that be with a pump? Can I hook a cold trap to them as well? I’m assuming these are better quality than BVV. I’m 49 have a 1,4 and 9 year old. All girls I need all the help I can get. lol thanks for your time

I can sell you a 1.9 for 1k has everything. I have a spare that I don’t use


Terppin can you send me some pics. I’m definitely interested in that.

Good morning Terppin. What state are you in. Im in California Central Valley. I would like to see that oven and definitely interested in it.

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I’ma dm you

I tried to do that but I’m kinda a idiot on social media

Hfs works fine n they stand behind all thier customers. 1.9 work fine i fit 140g per tray no problem. Mine is the older model newer ones r clones of the bvv neo.

I love my 0.9 ai accutemp. 3 years of it and no regrets. I was gonna actually originally get a HFS one but the AI ovens … They’re (AI ovens) known to be really great entey level ovens. Cascade is like the big brother to AI.