Anyone got contacts in Florida cannabis companies? Looking to get back In but want to stay local

I built the first lab in Florida under trulieve, I processed the first hemp grown in Florida under my own company h2 processing.

Looking to get into a decent lab in the central Florida area but anywhere in Florida would work.

Been in the game 10 years now and done almost all of it top to bottom except for hplc and gcms testing I always had a guy for that.

I don’t want to post my resume here because it has personal info, but I’ve been CEO or Director of operations for more then 6 companies and built 20+ labs In 6+ states over the years from cannabis to massive hemp facilities.

DM me if anyones got a connection. I’m sure we can find a way to compensate you if it works out


@Killa12345 lmfao reporting to the most legit place is your place.

Bro, go visit @Killa12345, almost disrespectful at this point lol

I’ve met killa several times lol doesn’t mean he has numbers for people who can make those decisions.

Met QMA too. The whole Florida crew

But I’ve reached out to them personally cause they are homies.


Your desires are definitely best placed hitting up the dudes… that being said. I recall your history and dedication. Wish you luck on your pursuits.

Is this the type of support yall be meaning when you say “but I sent people your way!”?


The Jungle Boys are hiring for their Florida facility. Check out their IG.


Anybody got any contacts near Melbourne?

I just need to grab a half a zone to smoke. Went to a cannabis place and they wouldn’t let me buy nothing without a state card. :grimacing:

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2.5 hours north lol

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Lol… should’ve put this out leaving my hotel in Kingsland

No worries still would have been a detour.

You should probably hit up: Jungle Boyz, Sunburn, INSA, Gwinn Brothers Farms, Planet 13, Gold Leaf, and Green Dragon.

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Are you still seeking?

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Always looking for florida jobs

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What pissed me off is they did a bait and switch. IG add said hiring for all positions and I get there and they look at me and go “oh sorry yeah you probably don’t want a trimming job from what I see on your resume” turns out they have 3 people. 3 people! In their jungle boys lab lol crazy

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Jungle boys is racist

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What blew my mind about @jungleboys is that they had I think maybe a head HR and maybe her assistant or someone in a different department,

I asked them what their lab department looked like and they said they had 3 guys and only promoted from within……

So I’m like ok so you need someone who can run a lab when your technician goes to management so you have a trimmer come up with no experience and get trained by a manager who’s brand new at being a manager.

Just a Strange system.

I like the idea of promote from within. But I’m my company I also wanted to best brains and people for my positions.

Florida cannabis is just the stuff of nightmares and heartburn though so makes sense

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I’m avoiding it, but there are probably lots of consulting opps now with the new application process I imagine?


I’m building an AI application app. Answer some questions and pow. That will be 24,000 please.

You are the most business savvy person on here. Want to help?

You would think, but the arrogance is ASTOUNDING lol.

In 2016 trulieve paid 1 million for their equipment, 400k was testing and such. 600k was extraction and it came with 1 roto 1 5L short path, washing bagged material in buckets.

I mean it’s comical.

All these companies believe they are Jesus.

I know jungle boys and cookies and several other big guys only have 2-4 people in their lab with usually maybe 1 person with experience and none of them with experience operating in the humid hellscape that is Florida.

So I’ve just stopped trying.

Even though I’d love to help push the frontier of cannabis in Florida