Anyone ever use a biotek CS52008 Chromatography Column

Anyone have experience with one of these?

That’s what the Ghostbusters use to keep the ghosts secure, right?


Looks like a biologic chromatography skid aka fplc


Light is green, trap is clean.

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Can it be used to fractionate cannabinoids? We found it under a tarp in the back of a hemp lab that’s changed management recently.

Can’t find a user manual online anywhere and the company that made it has since been acquired by aligent.

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I’m sure one could do that if they were inclined to do so, but I think the main pump in that thing is a peristaltic pump. The body is a bunch of sensors and flow-path pathways. You’d roll up a prepacked or hand packed column and attach it somewhere, and there should be an inlet and outlet. Outlet could be several ports and inlet could be several buffer inlets, you would just use them according to your programed method. On the Ge pilot i used you’d designate your ports to be buffers or products or empty bags. Oh yeah, speaking of designations, these usually require licensed softwares.

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I appreciate the insight. Any idea what they may have been using it for as far as hemp processing goes?

Most likely a bad purchase or it may have come with a large glass chromatography column

If you go through some of the photos on this website you’ll see the setup I poorly described along with one of the columns.

I’ve used these for virus, antibody and DNA. I know my group tried to purify IL17 and that was considered small at 35kda, so idk how far you’ll get with small molecules. I think the pneumatic ones go higher pressure, but these units tend to max out around 35 psi.


It can definitely separate cannabinoids. I don’t know about whether it will do it “well”, but if you have a big enough column it’s definitely possible. After all you can separate them with something as mild as TLC.

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I used a smaller GE FPLC for protein and nano particle analysis. It was unfortunately very prone to clogging.