Anyone ever extracted with a heated solvent?

Most people do extractions at near sub zero temp, with heat I think youd mostly pull things you dont want but just out of curiosity has anyone ever run an extraction with heated BHO/ethanol etc.?

What would be the point, to pull EVERYTHING then try and recover/isolate later?

That would exactly be the point

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Mmmm… sugar


I know people use solvent sitting at room temp. Contents inside tank might be cooler, but never heard of heated solvent

First, it’s probably the most expensive way to extract with all the materials/skills and training needed to do that properly.

If you are asking to pull everything out and then separate and purify fats - etc. that’s a whole different story.

Still much better ways then to do it that way.


reduced extraction times/higher throughput maybe?
highly doubt you’d gain time overall given the increased post-processing

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why would you extract with BHO.

only @GroovyOctopusLabs does that.


The post processing and refining would be costly and time consuming. Extraction efficiency would be good but thats about it.

@Kingofthekush420 used 30c alkanes with membranes to great effect

Your solvent capacity increases significantly with temperature, so you do end up with higher efficiency. Provided you’ve got some clever ways of remediating the junk.


I was running some material that looked decent but was extremely low yielding . I filled my injection coil with 140F water and did a typical butane extraction only to get about the same yield and find out the material is garbage . Not recommend. Also if you extract this way you will be loaded with so many fats and without proper winterizing your extract will taste like shit if you try to crc it to clean it up . Was one of the first times I experienced the burnt rubber smell from oil


Don’t they heat the 134a in those systems? @Chriatian?

Heated r134a at somepoint becomes hydroflouric acid. Not sure what exact temp? But sketchy for sure



Was great for the crude gold rush days but counter productive for todays products mostly.

Isn’t this literally how old-school RSO was/is made? Basically you mix your plant material into isopropyl or ethanol and boil it to create a super sludgy, highly concentrated extract for oral consumption.

I personally think that there is a big hole in the market right now for concentrated “full spectrum” extracts that aren’t primarily focused on cannabinoids only.


i think it would help if ‘full spectrum’ (and all other terminology) were more standardized/defined, and if the widely disappointing impact of the purported ‘magic powers’ of CBD hadn’t fallen through and taken the associated ‘full spectrum’ term with it


I could be mistaken too I’ve never performed an extraction with it cept for to shoot some from a frozen Freon can thru a tube open blast style at least a decade ago or so I forgetti. Didn’t yield squat.

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Someone just figured out how to extract thiols.


Welp more like extract cannabis with bho dissolved in ethanol that hasn’t been winterized yet…

Shit’s groovy :octopus:

I’m with you on that why would you extract with bho?..
That would be essentialy pointless given the closed loop could just soak and pull more shit if need be.