Anyone else having the forum edit out quotes?

Have had this happen a few times now and it’s irritating, highlight someone else’s post, click the “quote” button, type up your response and hit the “Reply” button, when it posts up the quoted paragraph is completely gone and I then have to hit the edit icon, re-highlight the text and hit quote again and then submit the edit.


This happens to me all the time


Havent noticed that yet but it seems like something that should be addressed. Thanks for bringing it up

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yes and no.

and maybe so

Edit: what I’ve seen is that quoting the WHOLE post directly above the reply will delete that quote. others @KnowledgeSeth seems to leave alone. I could be hallucinating.

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@Future @sidco : I think the quote function should be a button like the edit pencil (it could be a set of quotation marks) and the user should be able to select a portion of a post and the only difference is that the site would cancel out the option for browsers to copy and paste and would strictly be a quote function

one reason is the struggle between copy and pasting and the quote box appearing

the quote box above whatever i copy and paste out-performs my android and I end up having the quote box struggle with the “copy|past|select all” box and it makes it a bitch to either quote or copy and paste things. I usually end up having to spend a solid 4 mins trying just to highlight because again the two functions end up competing. It makes it a bitch to google search a part thru highlighting as well. and ik i can’t be the only one who has to deal with this issue.

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This is a @sidco request,


I definitely haven’t figured quoting out.


Highlights the part the message u wanna quote…and the word quote appears. Press that it’ll move it to the reply section


Thank you!


Just know that when you hit submit, more than half the time the forum will take the quotation out of your post

You gotta hit that quote button that pops up when you select a post. Can you reproduce this issue? Feel free to try here, screenshots please.

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To clarify, it should copy a block of text into your reply box. Is it the case that the quoted text shows up in the reply box, you type your reply above or below it, and it still doesn’t show?

Trying to quote this and see what happens.

After highlighting a text passage, I hit the "Quote button, the quotation was in the text box, I added my own text below, hit Reply and this was the result, quotation completely gone. Clicking the edit button shows no evidence of there ever being any quoted text.

If it matters any I’m on a 2015 Macbook Pro Retina, MacOS Catalina 10.15.3, Chrome Version 79.0.3945.130

I’ve noticed that if you reply to someone, and you try to quote their entire post, the site automatically edits it out. I’m assuming based on the redundancy of quoting the entire post to reply to the entire post.


Partial quote

Full quote

That was a test, was not sure if it would work but looks like it did. I was able to partially and fully quote.


The partial quote must have allowed your full quote. This one auto edited.

Under the edit history it says automatically removed.

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Seems to working just fine for me? :thinking: