Anybody running short path in an apartment? How do you contain smell?


Does anyone run a short-path near neighbors? If so how do you contain the smell?

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I dont have to be descreet but an oil mist filter usually keeps all the smells inside the oil. If u want to go cheaper and more DIY, i would suggest putting ducting right over top of the exhaust and use a cheap inline fan to push it to a box that contains two carbon filters, one attached to the ducting going to the pump and the other is attached to the ducting going outside. Seal the box so the air has to go throigh both. Maybe get a essential oil diffuser to put in the box to mask the smell

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Get a grow tent with a carbon scrub



In the Tricks of the trade tread
There is this trick of placing a hose on exhaust that bubbles in a Bucket with soap/dauwn helps a lot



Can confirm. Beware of 2 things tho.

Don’t use hot water, room temp works best.

Dont turn off your vac pump with the hose in the water. The soapy water can get sucked back into the vac oil



unrelated whats your through put?



I do this in my basement. No smell, minus the decarb step.

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Better than soap is a bleach bubble trap, followed by a vinegar bubble trap. I would order it like this myself:
Oil mist filter —> carbon filter —> bleach bubble trap —> vinegar bubble trap —> perhaps other molecular sieves

The molecular sieves may need regular rinsing/replacing.



Order some D-limonene right away. It will come in handy. I had a very minor smell while distilling but after spilling the stuff that melted off the cold trap HOLY SHIT did I stink everything up. The whole block smelled like fish ass. So definitely don’t do that. Luckily someone here helped me out with that D-limonene tip and my glass is nice and clean now. Also masks the smell decently when cleaning up.



Holy sheet does my basement smell like a chucrh of old ladies with 20 different perfumes on.


It didnt help i spilled a bit of terp fraction flask on my hand.



Not sure but an ozone machine may help…

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Dont use o2 machine while in the same room as yourself. Its bad for the lungs and body iirc.

Basement still reaks. I may go to the exhaust bucket sop next. Wife smells a sewer (lol), i still smell all the floral tones.



Ive never run one while around it for a long time but i know i used to run one on the boat when it wasnt being used… did pretty good for the deisel smell… i cant imagine it would be good to be around…



Good luck

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Thanks for the suggestion going to use that



Ona gel, lots of it @Derekdakid



This might be of some value …

Take a long cold finger/trap/bubbler like this one

add a mixture of vacuum oil and D-limonene or orange oil or peppermint or whatever fragrance your using to cover up the fish ass smell and put it at the end of the system between your vacuum pump and your exhaust bucket.

I believe the idea came from @Future posting a pic of a cold finger filled with vac oil to save the oil in our vacuum pumps during devolatilization.





Ive used something like this for a while but never heard of people adding terpenes to the oil trap. It seemed like in my setup a lot of terpenes would slip past the oil when it started bubbling. What a great idea, thats gotta be one of the tricks of the trade.



this is the way we do it in chem class