Anybody know how to solve hermi issues

Im not breeding them, just some seeds i popped that i was hopung woundnt hermi. I thought it might happen


check your bud room for light leaks.
maybe a power strip on light ect.
you want the bud room totaly dark.
good luck Lrus007


I know this is the most commonly mentioned reason for hermies, but how would you explain natural moon light if that were the case? If you’re in a very secluded area and you’re next to a plant under moonlight, it will be more than enough light to see the plant, far more than a tiny LED on a power strip would emit.

I used to repeat the warning also until I ran some experiments. My room design isn’t 100% light proof, I have some leaking from veg going to the flower room, and when the lights are off, the flowering ladies see a tiny bit of light. This was all fine for years running a bunch of Nirvana and Greenhouse genetics.

I never ran into hermies until I started running exotic genetix seeds. Anything else I’ve run I’ve only ever had one or 2 herm out of hundreds of seeds. In my experience hermies are simply just genetics (unless of course your environment is super out of whack)