Any SOP for hydroponics?

i want to start a hydroponics system, but i see allot of contradictory info online, any help would be much appreciated.

Hey Ender, what sort of information were you seeking? There are several hydroponic setups and methods. I’m glad to discuss this freely with you, shoot!!

Lets address EBB & Flow.

I use oxypots with coco

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5 gallon bucket, air stone, aquarium air pump, net pot.

$20 and you have deep water culture. Works great for a budget setup and I’ve pulled 1 Lb+ dry off big plants this way using larger buckets. Floranova products are cheap and work well.

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i really like this system


Easy turnkey system, i have gad 15lb with 4 epaps, climate controll and co2, running mills full line up. Ave was 12 to 14. That was also strain dependent

i have good luck with flood trays. super simple and cheaper than buying an ebb&flow system. get urself some cheap aquarium pumps, a reservoir and some timers along with ur desired flood tray size and ur good to go.Uploading: 20190516_155243.jpg…

i used to use the bucket system with a controller like you posted link for and switched over to flood trays, much better imo.

can you explain why in as much detail as possible?

I’ve done both ebb and flow and various deep water culture setups and I prefer the DWC setups, especially when recirculating.

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Im the opposite side of that. I started with flood tables and transitioned to oxypot. Nve went back. Flood table is great for preveg or tons of lil plants


That would be the only other way i would go.

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Coco produces a higher quality finish product than rockwool flood tables. Plus you can move your plant if you want to

in my flood tables i use various size pots filled with hydroton so i can move plants depending on size, etc. heres a cheapo from hardware store, i just drilled 6 holes in bottom and it already had the mesh on the sides. i use 2x4ft trays and usually have 1-2 plants per tray

I used 4x8 with hydroton. Had 40 ir so plant on each table, but not the way you are doing it


i use active aqua 2.5g ebb n flo pots, pure coco and i feed drain to waste. i simply use the ebb n flo pots to header the drainage lines together. 4 plants under a 5x5 scrog per 1000w DE light


i tried 4x8s but they took too much water so i switched to 2x4s. i usually get 12oz per 2x4ft tray. not sure how that compares to others but for the amount of time i spend working on em i cant complain

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@Ender my controller broke on my ebb and flow system and a new one was pricey so i gave the thing away and switched to trays. each tray uses its own $10 timer and $10 pump. if anything breaks i can fix for next to nothing and in 7yrs nothings broke. ebb and flow controller crapped out in under 2 years. also my harvest increased after switching to trays. edit- also my trays are 4ft off the ground so i dont have to bend over to work on my plants. i do have 12-16ft ceiling thou