Any place to get wiped film or rolled film distillation equipment in Los Angeles?

I’m looking to source some wiped film or rolled film short path distillation equipment ASAP . In my Norcal facility I have a Chemtech KDL6… I’m very satisfied with the performance of this unit… Does anyone know where I can get something comparable to a KDL6 with a short lead time? I’ve received a quote fro pope scientific for their 6 inch and it’s 17 week lead time.

I’m in Los Angeles.

Thank you in advance to anybody responding to this post. !

Idk but beaker and wrench are in LA

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Have you contacted chemtek? Whats their lead?

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advanced cannabis distillation is in San Diego. they have their gear made in mexico. @drJosh has also had used units available that he scored at auction. you might want to check them out. especially if you can actually visit their facility before purchasing.


I did … it’s 12 weeks plus.

@Lilibel from Beaker and Wrench should be able to help

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sounds like a shorter lead than the pope, where did you end up in all this?

We are currently quoting 12-13 week lead. Are you looking for glass or stainless unit?

If you’d like a formal quote please email <— our unit is fully continuous with feed and outlet pumps similar to the VTA.


i have a 6" wipped film from beaker and wrench, its turn key looking for a home. t


i have a turn key 6" BEAKER & WRENCH DISTILATE FOR SALE, only ran 32L of crude. works like new looking for a buyer. let me know if your interested LET ME KNOW

Dude, this is a 2 year old post. I think OP found a solution.