Any one will to ship to south africa or eswatini?

I need distillation and rotovape. Im looking all over but if some homies wanna trade im more then down, and ill pay shipping.


what are we trading and ive already shipped to you in africa before…id do it again…


get this man some equipment!


I have a bunch of 20L distillation parts. Pump, glass, etc. no mantle though. I’d let em go for a steal. I’ll be back home early next week and can send you pics and such


What are we trading, friend?


messaged yeah, i did not realize you had roto vapes buddy lol

Sure, message me a list please! thank you

I have seeds from special places in Africa. eSwatini and Durban, some legacy stuff from Europe. Lots of bag seed from around Swaziland im happy to ship out. Also some digital gold. Id say “hemp” but hemps not even legal in eSwatini due to a law from 1922, but all the seeds I am speaking about are cannabis indica seeds for use as plasters which is the exception to the law because 1900s British Colonial medicine was goofy as fuck and no one has bothered to update it since.

Its still goofy


I have some amazing contacts In South Africa if you still need things let me know and I’ll make the introduction they are great people also does anyone have any need or know anyone who is in need is 99.9999% pure 63&65 copper isotope? Please let me know as I have a small amount in the states in Vegas and quite a bit In Zurich! Thanks