Any one got good seeds looking for better strain for this summer

If anyone got any good seeds that they looking to sell just lmk

Humboldt seed company has some fire in their new lineup bro. I’m sure someone on here probably has access


I’ve got some thug pug and surfr stuff I wouldn’t mind letting go


Wow, just looked up Surfr seeds and didn’t realize they had all those Redneck Wedding crosses. That strain has always made some fire extracts for me, yield wise and quality.

We keeping ALL the HSC. The best part is they are super available though.


We have a plethora of great seeds here at HSC . What are you looking for in a new strain? Where are you located, outdoor, greenhouse or indoor?


Rockin the HSC in Maine? Good to hear man, would love to see a side by side on Maine/Humboldt outdoors sometime. Almost similar weather :joy:

I think you linked the hemp site instead of the HSC lineup man. Good hemp strains though

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My garden has been pretty much all HSC for a little over a year. Still got a grip of symbiotic, inhouse and a few others. I don’t grow outside. Trying to get a hoop house going this spring though.

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I imagine any of the blueberry muffin crosses would do great up there. Usually first to flower in Humboldt gardens, so first to finish before the shitty end of October rain storms.

My grandma has some land up in skowhegan, always wanted to dep it out! Couldn’t pay me enough to stick around for those winters though


If you enjoy fruit strains, here are my favs from the company!

California Octane(papaya x green crack) huge fruit nugs, great for hash

Pineapple upside down cake- industry standard on pineapple smelling weed. Forget pineapple express. Think it takes a little longer to flower though

Blueberry muffin- no brainer for outdoors/greenhouses. Starts flowering like 2-3 weeks before most other strains. Still need to try their cross “Blueberry Pancakes”

Hella Jelly- Mid sized nugs, great for Hash. (Rosin tastes just like fruit punch) super pungent sharp fruit smell and taste. Doesn’t have the purple/tight cookie look that some people go for, but anybody sick of all the gelato packs will love the fruit.

Squirt- Unique, super grapefruit, coat your mouth flavor and smell. Lotta phenos purp out heavily too, little fluffier nugs but understandable for a sativa leaning strain.

Jelly donutz- Yet to see this personally, but I had some Jelly Runtz that was super fire, candy taste. If anything like that, jelly donutz is a keeper. Maybe could get @Curious_Roberto to chime in on this when his finish.


Koma got 3 packs for 100 and it’s usually 14-16 seeds

Very good selection for everybody

I just did squirt, poddy mouth, and hella jelly x orange cream. The hella jelly cross, did way better than expected and people are loving the flavor. Super loud rubber and oranges.

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Damn I ain’t even heard of that one yet :eyes: sounds tasty

I hit the BBM with some MeanMug pollen, starting 80 this weekend for a summer dep hunt. can’t wait to see how they do, the BBM did very well up here in the PNW last year.


Hell yeah, doin 80 Deff sounds like a decent size hunt. Sad when ya see people sprout 5-10 and assume they got the keeper pheno.

You ever hear of Blue knight?(Blueberry x Kryptonite) Amazing blueberry strain with more of a kush bud structure(tight vs some longer BBM nugs) that likes to flower early as well. Only seen it around Butte county, CA. Wish I could find it again.

Blueberry cupcake has the bbm terps but seems to be a little frostier and looked a bit nicer too. Basically bbm+

Jelly donutz are almost at week 3. Hoping for some fire.


I’ve actually had the blueberry cupcakes from a couple growers, dank too but takes a bit longer to flower cuz of the wedding cake in there. Interested to see this new blueberry pancakes strain they dropped, just cuz I’ve seen great batches of indoor pancakes goin around the circuit up here

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They did take almost a week longer now than you mention it. Was a little confused on what was what while everything was starting flower, but all 3 strains I ran made it apparent toward week 4 to me I’d say.

It was bbm, blueberry cupcake, and some greenpoint seeds, which was hot garbage lol, one hermied out big time. There’s a reason I threw em in the back of my drawer.

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Blueberry Muffin from 21’ outdoor and associated nug from that one.