Any extractors/manufactures who use METRC mind answering a question for me?

Please DM, if you don’t mind. Thank you!

Ive been using METRC daily for two years, what’s up?


Errbody in the club using ‘trc

For real though what’s the question I think half this board has METRC experience


I guess my question is how do you account for tails in METRC. Say I use 100g of EHO METRC # 0001 and made 65g of disty (main body) and 5g of tails. I want mains and tails to have each have their own metrc numbers, how do I do that? Do you take the entire weight of the EHO and close it out to create the new METRC #s? Or I take the weight of mains and tails out of the original 100g of METRC # 0001 such that #0001 now has 30g left in metrc?

I’ve been under the impression that if I distill 100g of EHO and get 65g of disty, I would create the new metrc number using the entire 100g closing out that metrc number and converting it to 65 g of disty with new #. Which seems to make it hard to get things like tails into metrc.

Or another example, if I have 454g of weed and I do a quick extraction using 1 gal of cryo ethanol which want to convert to shatter. What do I do in METRC if afterwards I also want to extract that same 454g with warm ethanol to make RSO?

I’ve been told different extractors do it differently and METRC support doesn’t seem to understand the issue as they seem much more geared for cultivators.

I’m finding it difficult to explain my question properly and am sorry if I’m not being clear or making sense. But thank you so much for your patience and time! Really appreciate it!

Also, side question, is there any (legit) way to get THC converted from CBD into METRC if the CBD came from out of state?


I talked to you on DM about this a bit. But I’ll repeat what I said for everyone’s edification. Do not ever leave “ghost tags” in METRC. If you just distilled 30 grams of tails and 50 grams of distillate from 100 grams of crude, that leftover 20 grams needs to be closed out. If you left it active, you’d have 20g of crude listed in METRC which is no longer physically there. That’s bad, because if someone shows up asking “where’s this 20g you supposedly have”, you won’t have an answer.

In the case of extracting trim twice, keep the post-extracted trim weight active in METRC, while it’s still on site – if it’s sitting in a bucket, tagged, waiting for a second extraction, you’re fine. But when you’re done with it, and are going to throw it out, you need to close the tag. Never have an active tag in METRC that isn’t physically existant.


Hi mate :smile:
Regarding your question about the distillate.
Let’s clear up an assumption first. Let’s assume your distillation results in little to no residual thc in your raffinate.
You start from 100 g crude (#0001). From that you get 50 g mains and 20 g tails.
So you make an intermediate tag, (0002) from #0001 like this:
#0001 100 grams → #0002 70 grams
Now #0001 is finished out and can be moved to finished. Take the raffinate and dispose of it per your waste disposal plan.

Then pull your tails from #0002 like this:

0002 20 grams → #0003 20 grams

Now you should have:
#0002 Mains 50 grams
#0003 Tails 20 grams


I mean you should make a tag every day once you’ve extracted. So we have BHO tags that account for crude. As soon as we finish distilling we can make a tag from that original tag, or 2 or 3.

Now if you are using ethanol and never really know the initial extracted weight, you would pull from your biomass say 10lbs you yield 400gs mains and 54gs tails. Prorate the yield for each to be pulled from the number of metrc tags.

So lwts pretend of our 10lbs total there are 5 tags exactly 2 lbs each.

I would pull 80 grams from each package of trim to create my new tag (80 grams times 5 tags) gives us 400g tag pulled evenly from all 4 tags.

The 54gs tails is also divided by those same 5 tags and you would pull 10.8 grams from each of those tags.

Effectively giving you 2 tags from the same biomass for different amounts.

If your tag weights aren’t the same (almost never are) you would divide the metric tag weight by the total number of grams and multiply by the grams pulled to find the amount pulled per tag. let’s say the 10 lbs was 3 tags 2lb, 3lb and 5lb.
Those packages are 0.2 0.3 and 0.5 of the total weight. Multiply by yield (400) so you would pull 80 from the first tag, 120, from the second and 200 grams from the largest package.

Even easier if you do have a tag containing the starting weight (let’s say 500gs) you would just create 3 tags. 1 for your 400 if mains, 1 from the 54 tails and 46 grams to be wasted.

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I know this is an old thread, but seems like a good place for METRC questions:

Is it alright/within compliance to photo copy METRC tags and use those copies on the outside of containers for storage?
I know it seems like the answer here is no, it is not ok to make photo copies of METRC tags but I cannot find this rule in the MRA rules for MI.

Thanks all.

I don’t ever do it, I don’t have a need to, but I have seen growers do that. No issues as far as I know. In Michigan specifically.

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Hi there.
I take no liability in saying these statements, and do not take any responsibility for any decisions/mistakes you may make in your portal.

I have quite a bit of on hands METRC experience through multiple states.

I have seen many labs use paper photocopies.
On their ovens, freeze dryers, and on the extraction/post processing units themselves.

I have never seen an issue, and have been through a few BCC/DCC and OLCC audits.

When an on site inspection occurs, you better have the real blue tags for each UID, to back up your photocopies.

Using photocopies inside ID tag protecters are what most labs I have been to take on as their main compliance method, to keep themselves organized.


Yes, I too used to do that some times.

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I am in Michigan and do this daily. As long as you keep the original with the batch you’re golden.

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We use a system for the above in which (for ex., labeling multiple vessels holding distillate for one package, but only have one METRC tag) the OG tag goes on the first vessel in the package, and for all the rest we print out a small label reading ‘MT’ followed by the last 5 digits in the OG tag, ie, ‘MT00312’. We’ve been reassured that (at least in Cali) this is good enough. and might be a little easier to do with a portable label tape printer vs. a photcopier

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