Ants Harvesting Cannabinoids (crude)??

So the other day in the wee hours of the morning, I had a very minor crude spill (just enough to make me change glove. one of which i dropped by the door. came back to find ant eating only the spots that had crude on them, moving around not stuck at all!

anyone else ever observe somthing like this?
noticed the bees are fond of the trim too…


If crude isexrracted with an alcohol it might have a lot of sugars in it :grin:
Clipings havepieces of flowers in em bees like flowers :grin:


That’d be amazing if they could detect sugars in that small of concentrations! But would make sense
But I dont buy the flower explanation for the bees lol. The floral composition is way different than the flowers they pollinate. But I could very well be wrong

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Well i don t buy it either :joy::joy:
But he
The bee is such a busy soul
He has no time for birth control
And that is why in times like these
There are so many son s of bee s


bees always fly in when I’m opening up terps one flies in more times than not , checks everything out and …in my mind… leaves disheveled and disappointed


A friend of mine after getting burned making DMT
Created this. Product to treat his wounds the stuf is amazing
10% cbd with 20 % propolis
Very very nice product


How the heck did this happen, so I don’t do it myself ? It’s definitely dangerous. Sorry OP


Mixing almost booiling naphta (10 liter)with a mixer in a small boat in winter windows a jar :angry:


Well I’ll be damned … I wonder how they even know it’s a flower? Maybe pollen smells the same across species?


Sounds like the most private location I could imagine to do that. Sorry to whoever got the burns. Great teachers in workplace streamlining though…:sweat_smile:

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No sugars should be left after distillation though right? Especially 190%+

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Doesn’t make sense
Then it says he trains them
Then they say it hasn’t been tested

Not sure its even legal in France. Could be why.

Well in your distillate there should not be any but if they where present in your crude the will be left in the boiling flask and they are a bitch cleaning thats for sure
A water or brine rinse solves that if it is a problem

If I remember correctly, bees use both color spectrums as well as “smell” (which may just be detecting terpenes or other aromatic compounds in a way) to determine which flowers to visit.


Defenatly not legal but he
Most of what we do now was developed and done in illegal times
Shit al i do is still illegal you lucky basterds :joy:


Maybe sprinkel some rose oil on the buds and they are happy :wink:


I’m saying once the mash is distilled into ethanol
Like once fermentation is complete there will still be unfermented sugars and starches and shit but once distilled and then redistilled there shouldn’t be sugars left from the alcohol

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@_joe He’s saying the sugars are picked up by the alcohol from the extraction material, not in the alcohol prior to extraction. Also though ants collect resins for certain building purposes as well, similar to bees