Antibody based pesticide screening: Abamectin?

Has anybody here taken pesticide screening in-house? Specifically Abamectin.

I’ve run into Abamectin contamination in our extract that I believe came in with new equipment rather than biomass. ODA is gonna be pissed when they are informed of those 3rd party results, and I’m trying to get ahead of them.

In addition to requesting a retest, I’d like to test all the biomass we’ve got on site. Rather than risk failing more official 3rd party tests, and/or paying for several dozen tests to come back clean, I’m looking for other solutions.

One idea is to use ELISA.

there are several companies that offer anti-body based tests for Avermectins…abamectin elisa - Google Search

I’ve done ELISA work before, and can absolutely muddle through any antibody based kit. Just wondering if anyone else has played that game and has tips they’d like to share.

Pro tip: Clean your &(^()*@$#ing gear when it comes in the door!

Edit: if anyone in OR has an HPLC or GC method in-house those would obviously solve the problem nicely as well.