Anti-crystalization techniques for carts


Currently looking for techniques for inhibiting crystalization of carts. We are not interested in adding mct, pg, vg. Right now that leaves us with terpenes , cba, cbga. I have also heard of machine that will stall crystal growth but that doesn’t really solve the problem. I have some quotes for cbga but I haven’t had any for cbda. I would prefer to not have to add more terpenes as we are already at our ceiling. Any help is greatly appreciated.


Thc or cbd carts?


Cbd carts


Ever find a solution to this problem?


Best solution I’ve found, in my opinion, is to use the plant’s natural sesquiterpenes. Bringing the CBD concentration to 70% is optimal from what I can tell.

The batches I’ve made via wiped film have no smell. I’m thinking hemp can produce a fraction of terpenes similar to what’s being used in these terpene diluent products.


from my understanding its a combination of flavorless terpenes cbda and cbg

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