Another first SPD run WOO!

I have literally never read head temp. Multiple years doing this now

No swirl or reflux. Vac between 130 and 160. Mantel is now 180 and does not report spinbar speed (cheap mantel). Welch 1400 .9 cm. No reflux yet.

Well then. Bring up temp to 200 C
You want to see some reflux in the head
What temp is condenser set ?

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Make sure your coldtrap is filled to the rim and some dryice on the coltrap flask
Start insulating your head you can leave some peek holes to watch
You rather have your oil at 220C for six hours than at 180C for 24 hours :grin:
Don t be afraid of those temps your oil can handel them


I would hang out at 200c tops for at least 15 mins before jumping to higher temps. Crank up that spin bar. Mine dances at 1400


Condenser is at 80°

Bringing mantle to 200 now.

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The advice has been really helpful. I was worried about overwhelming the Welch or getting the temps up too quickly. I should probably power through a bit more instead of waiting for everything to be perfect.


Bare beginnings of reflux at 196 but now Welch reads 274 microns! Yikes.

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Drips are now thick, slightly greenish, and more frequent.

Since your pump has a low cfm
You will see your vac level spike once things get gooing my guess is around 270 mic
And mains steading out at mantel temp 240

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Reflux ?

Bought a new one.

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You might want to bring down the condensor a bit around 60C till mains just to make sure your visual of the swirl is correct

Ok so insulated the head ?
Since you have a low cfm the boiling will relay heavily on temp instead of vacuum depth
Your speed wil be slow but can be compensated by raising your temps
Make sure your stirbar keeps functioning at these higher temps for they often lose magnatism

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Condenser now at 60.

It looks to me like we have distillate!


I cannot thank ya’ll enough for the help. If it weren’t for the future4200 bros I’d probably still be sitting here watching my heads barely drip. I look forward to contributing in the same way you helped me. As I have mentioned on a previous post I have a few years experience in the pharma manufacturing world and I have some ideas for improving extraction and filtration. I am an open source, Linux kinda guy so when I get to set my experiments up I will be chronicling them on here. Now, on to the after action review…




All went relatively well given my n00bness imho. I have distillate. I am happy about that. I tried doing the process on my first go starting with trim so there were a lot of opportunities to make mistakes along the many steps.

I made an initial small test batch of dry ice and alcohol crude and it came out absolutely perfect, dab worthy stuff right out of the roto. I replicated that process on a larger amount of the same batch of trim and wound up with crude that was quite strange. It smelled right but it was thin and runny. I suspect that some alcohol that got mixed 50/50 with RODI water as roto coolant may have gotten dumped back in with my extraction solvent and caused me to pull water solubles. I also had an issue with a cheap thermometer I was using to measure the solvent temp giving me wildly inaccurate readings such that my temps were probably far too high to avoid pulling waxes. The crude even felt waxy. If I put some on my finger and then smeared it around with some water, I could see the water get milky in appearance.

So, now my first pass distillate looks normal but smells very terpy and is also a tad runny. The remnants in the flask are very solid, almost plastic like. Whatever is lowering the viscosity of the crude came over at least somewhat in the distillate.

I am confident that if I am careful with the next extraction I can eliminate these issues, but I do wonder, as my organic chemistry knowledge is limited, what exactly happened here. All thoughts are welcome and if it helps some future noob out there, all the blessings for it.

Thanks again all!

Way to go bro :clap::clap:
Well the left overs in the flask are probably sugars and if you haven t cleaned the flask right away
You will regret that today :grin:
But sevaral cleaning tech hiden in treads over here
Ok so the terpy smell etc etc
You can preform an aditional winterization before 2 pass. To make sure all fats and waxes are out

Still in your distillate will be taken care of on second pass