Another D8 raid

Idk if anyone posted this but another shop raided because their d8 had more then .3% d9


Interesting. Vendor had COA’s stating they were sub 0.3% D9 so it sounds like they got played here. Question is now if there will be any accountability on the lab that tested it as compliant or the producer that used a bogus COA.


I guess LEO said it was over .3%

Itll be interesting to see who gets charged if that’s the case

Can you really charge someone if they can prove they thought they had compliant product?

Can you charge the manufacturer if they thought they really made compliant product?

We will find out soon


no charges filed
their state doesn’t have laws against D8 specifically
their state police have stated they can’t differentiate the two
shop owner claims they had no warrant, rendering all “evidence” null and void if true

And y’all still think police will “do the right thing.” Hilarious.


He told me it was dishwasher detergent and it came with a dishwasher detergent COA officer,

What do you mean it’s cocaine?!?!


I doubt the “seller” in your awful analogy has an accredited state lab report to assert it isn’t cocaine.


We will see what happens, he didn’t get arrested and no charges have been filed

If they were really tripping dude would be in jail

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Not really, police will take their evidence and build a stronger case and let you sweat for months if they want. it happens all the time, and especially with something so muddied up as the d8 market.

My opinion is that they are trying to make all public storefronts/sellers from feeling comfortable pushing these products that have toxic and also non compliant ingredients inside them. They are more interested in tracking down the people that are knowingly producing these d8 products and will try and shut them down from source, not the sellers.

Same thing they do with street dealers, they use the lowest totem pole players to build a case and work their way up to the main source. This will be played with different rules though because its being sold in common stores and to children, its not your typical black market drug busts. It will be unique in its own way.


They waited almost 6 months when they built my case


That’s fine and dandy, but those black market dealers didn’t have a federal law that has a solid argument in court to deem this cannabinoid legal. If we put the D9 argument aside, you can reasonably argue that the text of a federal law applies here and they can’t deem it illegal without amending it. If the argument is “D8 is thc and is illegal,” then it’s going to be a whopper of a case. It’s not so cut and dry this time.

If the argument is “it has illegal levels of d9,” then the case will be labs arguing against each other about who has the best method. Too bad juries aren’t science nerds, a good lawyer will plant a lot of reasonable doubt.


What was your case for?


Not to mention also these states aren’t calling it “synthetic” when derived from hemp so I think this proves even more the loop hole I’ve talked about for over 2 years is valid

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You do know there isnt compliant d8 in distillate form right? This is CLEARLY a case of illegal “Hemp products” with non compliant thc levels.

More than 0.3% d9 thc=felony and thats not even considering that most of these are being shipped across state lines which opens up even more issues.

Can we stop pretending compliant d8 is common or would sway this argument another direction? until we have Science proven routes for complaint d8 that argument is pointless.


Nah d9 but the judge and DA basically said “well you can buy these online… why give this guy a hard time… it is not meth” and here we are 2 years of probation later lol. Dank vapes I was err getting from my garage. Caught with 100 and they only give me probation… same product in a different county they let the dude off with 4 years on 250 units… tbh by law any distillate here in ohio is like hard drugs by the law… like crack tbh. It depends on your level of offense and district tbh

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Yes there is, @Dabatronicus has coas on his IG of water clear compliant d8

Kca coas

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Loop hole or not the levels of d9 being above 0.3% close any said loop holes with a big iron gate called the alphabet boys.

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You got busted in Ohio too?

Dam dude I’m surprised I feel like you got lucky lol


Where, i don’t see them

There’s “hot” hemp products in ALL parts of it. People marketing THCA “hemp,” testing a small bit of a batch and calling it compliant, come off it.

That isn’t the argument though. Feds gotta prove their lab is right. Most of them don’t even know what D8 is yet. Burden of proof is on the state, so thank you for your assertions and claims. :+1:t2:

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Maybe it’s not, here’s his coa though

I’m working with them