Another chinese wiper thread.....IMPORTANT!

Hi everyone! I have some basic question regarding chinese wiped film units or other companies that sell base model glass wipers

Basically i’m deciding to purchase one but I am stuck with some conflicting thoughts…

Is it worth it to just run 20L SPD so I don’t have to deal with all the bad parts and issues a chinese unit has?
Will the quality of distillate ever be good? Like 90% on first pass?
Does it make sense to get a Pope instead of a 3" Glass wiper from YhChem for example?

I’m thinking of spending under 30-40k or so and the small yhchem units seem to be good but I am worried I will have alot of issues with feed pumps or components not working correctly which will cause alot of stress and downtime…

Thanks for your input!

Give a call to beaker and wrench and ask their opinion of the best Chinese option and what rertrofit options they have for Chinese rigs

Didn’t Beaker & Wrench completely fuck over someone in Florida?

Either way if there is a chinese unit that anyone here ran and was great - let me know the company please!
I was looking at the YHCHEM glass units like YMD-080


One of my partners uses a yh-200. Out of the box it came with an unbalanced basket. Another previous client uses a md-150, very similar. They came out after a month to correct it, it was actually featured on that video they posted not too long ago. I don’t think it’s the most intuitive fix but they took a few screws completely out of one side of the wiper basket to column coupler bracket to balance it. I wouldn’t have ever done that. It’s also got a fault somewhere in it so when I touch the top of the wiper basket I get the tingles. The side of the unit has random labels that turn on baths, that took me a few hours to figure out. Other than that it’s a work horse once it gets going. I’ve had bad experiences with nearly all Chinese diffusion pumps so I won’t even comment on that. Make sure you have a tall room too, if not loading it is going to be a nightmare in the absence of a ground level pump + reservoir. Don’t drop a wrench while you’re working on it either :slight_smile:

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Just dm

Yes they did

What is your budget for distillation?

I wouldn’t get a cheap wiped film. That looks like a headache waiting to happen. These type of systems need to be done with precision. @NewLevelProcess already had two complaints with basket unbalanced. That’s a big problem. If the jacket inner wall has any minor concave/convex sections you will constantly have problems. I wouldn’t even step into this realm unless you can snag a ychem. Keep in mind the ychem requires upgrades such as a heated jacket with a feeding mechanical pump.

This is the 2nd or 3rd time you spammed a pic of your work, in a wiper thread.

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I’m not 100% sure but i think he is trying to sell his wiper blade system. I never seen one like that and it looks custom fab.

2 seperate posts with only jars of distillate in them. NO wiper pics or even mention of a wiper for sale.

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WFE 6”

Vacuum Pump with Diffusion Pump
Balanced Control Blade Slow and Faster Stable
Feed Gear Pump Stable Feeding

We did make it best work now for our WFE 6”

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I’ve had a 150 from yhchem since June. Thing runs like a champ. However if I were to buy another I’d save a few bucks because I have the experience to know what I really want. I setup my own feed pump. Works like a champ. Got Edwards vac. No diff pump. Here’s some single pass right here:

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Hi Rowan, How are you?

As said above I am looking at base model YHCHEM glass unit like the YMD-080 3" or smaller so maybe 20-40k. My plan is to purchase this along with hiring a consultating to run and fix as I go along but just wondering if everyone here warns of avoiding cheap chinese wipers or is this a viable plan and I’m not going to be dying fixing the unit for months on end while production gets fucked, because ideally i would like to build experience on this unit to be able to afford something high-end.

Nice man! That looks amazing. So does that mean you would buy an american unit for your next purchase? What was the biggest issue you had running the 150 YHCHEM?

I’d buy another Chinese or have my own fabricated. I can’t imagine a pope is any easier to run. I’d say it’s borderline brainless once you get everything dialed in. That’s not to say I’m not a tinkerer. I spent my evening bouncing between the rotos and wfe working solo without a hiccup.

Feeding Perfect to make good distillation.

I saw
The distillation unit on your site. Looks interesting. Why does peristaltic pump feed to gravity feed?

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