Amazing nose seedless CBD hemp flower tangie $130 SOCAL

Just finished curing. Smells like the strain Tangie. Bought these moms as the strain Trump. These were all clones we grew. No seeds. There is about 300 lbs ready. We grew 6 acres of clones with many strains. After we sell the this run we will start trimming again. We also have 50lbs hand trimmed for $230 per pound. Please text me at 9496371212.

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Nice pics. Fwiw trump is also called t1, if that makes it more familiar to anyone. It is a great variety to grow.

Any COA’s for potency?

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Do you ship?

Yes, not a problem

SC Labs | Trump

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Smells like Tangie? I’m listening


Is the pictures hand trimmed or the 130/lb flower?

The first pictures are hand trimmed flower. Last picture is machine. The machine trim is not bad but a few buds slipped through, there will be some leaf. Hand trim cost $80 more to produce.

Coa yet? Is it hot?

Look at he comment thread coa is posted

SC Labs Portal


Uplifting Farms, Inc.

What’s a “comment thread”?

Look at the comments i posted it twice. I also sent it to you.

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Smoking hot


Not yet. 0.03% D9 0.87% THCA.

I recently saw a place selling 7% THCA flower as “hemp” because it was ND on D9.


Not in Texas! :sweat_smile: :rofl: :joy:

For sure
I still dont understand why the OP simply cant just post the COA in the thread? Why does a buyer have to click this, vs just see a poc in the thread said OP makes?

.3 is legal
I read this as .5

In their defense it’s like a full page long thing, might be hard to screenshot. From mobile I had to like zoom out and scroll. Link works it’s just formatted weird on the site.

Most other slingers dont have an issue posting the pic.

No laptop or puter here, only phone (Samsung Galaxy s8 active)