All PCTG cartridge without cotton

I just posted this in one of my other post,while think it’s better to start a new one in case any confusion

a new product,which is made of PCTG (polycarbonate is the same tank material which ccell M6T use)

The apperance looks exactly same with our cotton free all glass cartridge,while it is

  • pressed in ( instead of screw ones,save labor cost)
  • tamper proof ( non refillable,in some area or country they prefer non refillable ones)
  • breakage resistance ( we received few complaints that our all glass cartridge would break in their pocket, PCTG fix this issue)
  • more affordable ( PCTG is more affordable then glass)

It’s also cotton free,bottom filling ,and metal free.

We are shipping out sample too,feel free to let us know if you wanna try.

Below is a photo of 0.5 ml ones, we will get some 1.0 ml ones shortly too.


anyone worry about the silicone base we will design a ceramic one which is similar with our Glamics

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Send me samples please . I’m in.

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Would definitely like to try one of these!

Sent you DM

Looks good. I’d maybe try one in a while

The first all glass I love, however it bugged out and when you hit it, need to have it slightly screwed off instead of all the way

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Feel free to let us know when you need to test them

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I will shoot you a dm