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Hello to all, my post is to gain some insight into how to go about setting up and operating a legal venture that the police cant come and raid and close down.

The time has come to pay and stay or play and pray the choice is there.

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Is there a different process for every state? Colorado seen as they seem to be having the best luck.

What type of license are you looking to get?

What would one need to get a facility that refines crude.

what would one need to set up a brand that sells to retail but does not manufacture.

what would one need to set up a legal grow.

what would one need set up a dispensary mobile or fixed.

How does it vary from state to state.

Each state has its own set of rules, they vary wildly.

Based on your questions, I would strongly suggest you retain legal help for this.

Might want to read this first as well,


Please correct me if im wrong. its ilegal by the fed but state allows depending on state. how does cross state trade work lets say mr cookie wants his girls scouts in colorado legally how is this possible. whats the taxes like and whats the relief in legal exports to lets say barcelona a city in another country but still legal and just like anything else you would by or sell in trade legally.

My understanding is that there is no harmonization or interplay between states. Each has it’s own regs and own authorities. The feds are the only ones that can resolve state to state issues.

For instance, the west coast glut cannot be legally spread across the country and greatly depresses local prices. But there are some folks who black market across state lines at risk of losing all legit opportunities in their home state.

It’s a mess, but huge progress in terms of the dreams of the heads of the past. I personally never thought we would be where we are.

Basically set up in every state you want to be selling in then i guess