All Glass Q-CELL Cartridges

Hey everyone, Bulk Carts here! I hope you are all doing well.

We are here to let you know we had our next round of inventory arrive, a cartridge that many here are already familiar with. This cart is quickly becoming the top choice in the industry because of its unmatched reliability, aesthetic, and performance.

We bring you the All-Glass Q-Cell Cartridge by Airistech!!

The “Q-Cell” meaning Quartz heating element, is a new addition to vape carts and the feedback on it has been outstanding. The hits feel very nice because of the great airflow this cart produces, even back to back hits come easily as the Quartz heats up very quickly for each toke and produces a great vapor cloud!

Inside the cartridge your oil will not come in contact with any metal, just inert materials of glass and PTFE. If you’re looking for the highest quality option for a cartridge, this is it. With no metal inside the cartridge you can be sure you’re putting out a product that is 100% clean, safe, and let’s the user experience the purest taste of the oil inside.

So far in our testing and customer feedback we have learned that these carts DO NOT FAIL!!! Airistech has outstanding quality control measures to be sure there are no carts dead on arrival. The failure rate so far has been less than 0.1%. They will not leak or clog. No need to “cap quickly” as these enclose from the bottom and you can allow the oil to sit in the chamber to cool and cap at your leisure.

These cartridges are available from now on for USA Domestic sales at this link —> HERE

Unfortunately these carts are a bit harder to manufacture so the lead time on producing them is about 25-30 days in China (then about 3 weeks shipping time :face_vomiting:), so get them from us and save yourself the wait!

Our prices are very reasonable:

Box of 25 - $3.20 each
Box of 100 - $2.70 each
Box of 1000 - $2.35 each

As always, we happily give you FREE 2-3 day Priority Shipping with EVERY order and same day shipping for orders placed by 3pm CT.

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:gem::fire::gem: aristech has updated the inner intake and engineered a far faster heating coil. Fill and dab everything from live resin to straight distillate in ONE vape carttridge.

@Kinsmanofthesun @ky_cbd @MondoLabs you guys wanna share your experiences with the new version glass?


I’m all about it. I scoop the glass boys for the head stash for a reason :ok_hand:

Editing: didn’t realize the context of this I’m driving lol.

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Yes, the glass units are extremely easy to fill, have a great appeal, and utilize further more expensive materials than most other units.

As far as the vaping experience goes it “rips”. And gives you a better experience with tasting your product.

You can also fill as many as you’d like and cap them whenever is convenient for you. I personally like that tek because I find myself filling 1000 and capping them a day later or a few hours later simply because I have a bad injury and can’t move around as much as I used to.


Also defects aren’t a thing with these carts unless you brake the glass. You can always screw In a new coil in the bottom if there’s ever any issues.


Breaking them is actually kind of tricky too. I’m notorious for standing up with a pen in my lap and I’ve dropped them on epoxyed concrete and asphalt never had one break. I probably drop a pen on my way out of the car like 4 times out of ten


This was the first reddit proof cartridge too:

I’m looking for more, there used to be a post a week about these

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these look pretty thick will they fit into ccell silo and palm battery’s?

The .5ml doesn’t fit in the palm not sure of the 1ml is the same

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good to know! @qma weren’t you saying that these wont finish a full 1ml cart?

I had the first batch ever. I was the guy protoyping these. The 1ml usually would start to clog at about the halfway point. I have a new batch of 1ml (I bought them cause everyone asked me to despite my warnings)

Edward says they increased the inside diameter. I still notice buildup, that leads to clogging at the end. It isn’t as dramatic as the iCells when they clog though. A light pull disperses all the oil up the downstem. If the coil is kept hot 4-7 seconds before hitting, one can clear the clog without having to draw differently.


good to know my company was interested in there do you say they are worth trying?

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Occasionally if I have some super thiccnes in the all glass ones it won’t refresh the coil quick enough. seems like the space between the glass and the “center post bottom” isn’t as great as the space on the all ceramics and some times I gotta heat the whole thing up in the ol airfryer to soak the coil again. Please excuse my rough definitions of the hard ware parts but I think you can get what I mean

They are PHENOMENAL for live and cured resins primarily. The design of the cartridge is focused on an even, slow feed like @ky_cbd mentioned:

This cart was designed to be more versatile. If one is putting 90%+ of one cannabanoid, they will have the same bubbles forming near the coil that all carts have issues with, from the ascents (one bubble on one of the two intakes) or the wolkenteks and ccell (one bubble that completely covers an entire intake.

The solution now is heat. There was a heated cartridge chamber battery that fufilled this task perfectly.


hmmm well hace to grab some for r&d and see how they like co2 oil

Are you loading carts by hand?

He has a cart farmer

What company manufactures these?

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