All around amendment for soil with earth juice feed

Being stretched a little thin this year, I’ve been focused on one grow and not my own. The other grow im working with, we amended with all organic inputs, but on my grow I feed with earth juice grow and bloom… my soil only went through one season and was new soil from
Good earth organics called gais gift. Since it’s a little too late to start amending organically and let things break down I just wanted to know what you would recommend as a so-called all around amendment for my soil. When I bought this property they were a bunch of big outdoor boxes with soil, I have no idea what was in them or how long they were sitting there, but I planted, threw some rainbow mix pro in the top 3 inches and the plants hit about 14 feet. I’m going to buy a large black bin and a mantis tiller and I would like to just amend with some simple things as I will be feeding throughout the season. Any suggestions. As of right now I’m thinking a few pounds of either rainbow mix pro or some natures pride or something. I’m still learning about soil and things like that so just wanted to get your input. Here is the original label for the gais gift and some soil samples. The two samples came from essentially the same soil and I did my best to get representative samples by grabbing from a few pots. I figured it would make sense to average them out. But either way, like I said what would you suggest to throw in my pots to give them some loving before I transplant and start feeding. Grow shop suggested some happy from soil condition to add a little fluff and goodness but the texture of my soil feels great. The pots are super dry as they’ve been in the greenhouse. I want to drench them as well and wondering if there’s any good condition or additive I should drench with to get them going instead of just water . Thoughts?

That’s going to be expensive at scale. I would hit up a cattle/horse farmer for leached manure and top dress everything. Water only from there on out is needed.


First off, I would drench the soil with a bt product or some mosquito dunk-soaked water to get rid of any larvae that might be living in there. I also use pondzyme, which helps break down old root material. It is cheap.

It is less expensive to buy the components of those bagged mixes. Worm castings and guanos go a long way. If you use compost, know the ingredients. Compost made with leaves has a lot of nitrogen. I have bought compost before from a guy who was composting bones and slaughterhouse trash. It had low n, high p and k.

If you buy any compost in a bag, or get any local horse manure, test it for herbicide contamination by sprouting a bean seed in it and looking for deformed leaves.


I hadn’t thought of potential contamination in leached manures. That is definitely a “best practice” that I am going to start doing.


Happy frog? I’d use ocean forest vs hf. And x100 on some bti to kill the fungus gnat and larvae.


Your test results look there’s almost no nitrogen, and a lot of phosphorous. Probably want to stick to something high in N, and really low in P. Some composted manure would help. Green grass clippings are full of N, and almost instant release, as far as organic inputs go. Earthworm castings would be good. I’d probably stay away from a lot of guano, because it can be pretty high in P.

Killer compost is real! Be careful. I used to get it free from the yard waste dump, but not any more. No clue what kinds of chemicals have been used on the material, and no idea why some of the plants are there in the first place. Could have been killed by a nasty pathogen or three. Same goes for the free wood chips they have at most city yard waste landfills. Sure, you can get truckloads for free, but is it gonna kill your stuff?


Found a link with a nice chart of the NPK values for common organic inputs:

Hopefully this will be useful to help source some suitable and local organic goodies. Gonna be a lot cheaper to source locally vs shipped in.


Since I do plan on feeding nutrients regularly, I’m thinking I’m going to amend with a generous amount of worm castings, top dress with rainbow mix pro, and nutririch chicken pellets for nitrogen. As well as daily feed of earth juice seablast grow.

I’d like to incorporate some organic inputs but get mixed advice since in feeding the earth juice. Some say don’t do anything and just feed heavy. I’d like to start using teas which I’ve never done before and going to research a good recipe and method for that.

Also, I will be watering in microlift for the larvae and such

Does my plan sound too far off?


I actually meant to inquire about something to help break down the old root system a bit. Are there similar products like pondzyme I can ask for at the grow store? And is it ok to use since I’m so close to planting

Im sure there are a lot of products out there. Pondzyme is too cheap for a grow store to stock. One little container lasts nearly forever. It is a harmless enzyme in a barley powder base.


Thank you! If grow store has nothing similar I’ll hit Amazon.

Correct? Use at suggested dosage ?

Yeah. That’s it. I have a smaller tub. I only use about one eighth of a teaspoon for about 20 gallons.

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I have all teh dry ammendments, but also have premixed earth juice dry stuff. id topdress with that. Thy have a dry amendment called rainbow mix that I have had zero issues with. is also good.

didnt see that you are already using the rainbow mix

Rainbow mix is what I plan to top dress with along with the chicken pellets. Like I said my first grow, there was a lot of old soil left over…no idea how old, what was in it… it sat in the rain all winter. Top dresses with rainbow mix and fed earth juice and all my plants got huge and turned out great. Seems like I now have some direction :slight_smile:

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Got tons of work castings, nitro pellets, perlite, hydrozyme to water in. And once I confer with the earth juice guys, figure out how much rainbow mix to throw into each 30 gallon pot

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i ruined my worms- dead

old soil gets better