Alcohol to oil

How much alcohol is need to soak 1lb of trim testing at 10% thc and be efficient. Btw I’m doing subzero extraction -40 to -50c.

4 or 5 mL per gram is in the right ball park. 2.25L should be good, enough for a quick cold soak, and a second longer soak.

i find a lbs a minimum of 4 liters per wash
So one Bucket with 4 liters and a next Bucket with 4 liters
Rinse No more than 3 to 5 minutes in each and spindry right away
If possible Cool your spindryr with ice in plasticbag or dryice


1 gallon per lb material is the going rate


Is that gallon reused 2 to 3 times?

Yes with trim iT is Easely reused 2. To 3 times for solvent saturation is around 17 %[quote=“G_Boe, post:2, topic:9039”]

I’ll reuse any and all my ethanol that comes back out of my rotovap.

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Same subject a little off. If you are running etho counter current like a cls, you can probably do a few runs with the etho before needing to recover, correct?

Yes in all My findings. I see that the etho Will desolve until the 10% by weight with the same power so You can make an estimate of how much biomass % can be disolved
The fact that on every rinse the biomass steals Some etho from your rinse Bucket makes iT hard to give an axact number


I plan on running my crude with cold etho to avoid any unnecessary processing. I am hoping to be able to reuse the etho for the day for all, and drop it into the roto, decarb, first pass. Then I will do whatever intermediate processing needed, as I’ll know my oil weight. And then second pass.

I’m planning on four runs and I expect to lose a little in material each run. I plan to to pull the material out quickly, toss it in a panda to recover what remains. Build a small amount of that up, process it and dehydrate, then add it back to the mix. I’m going to try to have enough etho that can handle four runs of biomass for each day. Roto it down and store it for the next use. I’m going to try to hardly waste my etho.

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I’ve done ethanol but to soak a lb you have to use like 4 liters. And that gives me like 50 grams. If I try reusing that same Alcohol it won’t give me 120 grams.

I mean 100grams*****

Use a panda spinner to recover most of the trapped etoh in the biomass. I just scored 2x pandas for 220 shipped. Last yr I paid 190 for one!

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Yeah I do that as well

If your rotavap settings are good there is No Need to dehydrate a simpel alcohol % meter can confirm that is If You extract with 96% etho

Blast your panda cold with CO2 before use Many make the mistake of not cooling the panda making that recovered etho RSO


We have found that a 2:1 or 3:1 ratio by weight is sufficient for ethanol to biomass. So roughly, a gallon of EtOH can soak 4lbs. Add a little more EtOH if its really sticky shit. This is all cold and quick, 2 soaks grabs 98% of the cannabinoids.

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Soooooo. I have a heat exchanger that I power up w ln2. What if I were to route my exhaust hose from that into the panda? Would it get too cold?

Do iT and temp iT You Will know :grinning:

When you say cold and quick I’m guessing -80 and how long would a quick soak be?than straight to the panda after the soak?