Alcohol Extracted thc distillate is brown

Any insite on how to increase the viscosity and how to Get the end result gold . I did some with shatter and it came out gold but it was too liquidy and not thick enough
Any info helps thank you

At what temperatures are You extracting ?

At 130 degrees F. I’m guessing that I have to do a second pass on it or filter it somehow. I’m so stuck on this. I Extracted allot of weed doing this :cry:

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Do this next time, try winterizing and carbon scrub.

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Hmm Ok what You made is Rick Simpsons oil full spectrum
So the solution You have is very dark
A few extra steps Will help but at a cost
Of loosing material and extra stuff You Will Need to buy
Any chance You can sell the RSO as is ?
If not have a look at @beacker his sop s for cleaning up
If You want gold with ethanol as solvent You Need to work at a minimum temperatuur of -40C but preferubly -60C and -80C beeing the best temperatuur at with your material and solvent Need to be before mixing


@PhatDaddyDoo I’m not convinced you’ve posted enough information for us to help you.

can you post pic’s of your distillation rig?

and/or run us through how you got from “shatter” to “gold but too runny”.

when you respond 130F for “extraction temp”, what step is that?

130f is on the low side if it’s the head temp on your distillation rig. it’s way too hot if it’s the solvent temp at which you extracted the cannabis.