Airistech full glass center post quartz heating element carts VE13

So do mine. Most my custys are asking for me to keep the all ceramic. All working blue collar jobs. Some might be considered black collar lol


I work physical jobs. I’m a machinist in a major industrial setting. In my free time I cut down trees in the woods and fuck with heavy equipment. I break everything. I run full ceramics with success and hope to try these.

Tell your knuckle daggers to get a better battery set up. I run the yocan uni pro. $25 at my local Chinese smoke shop. Never broke a cartridge in these. At $25, one broken cartridge saved and your money ahead.


the important phrase there is knuckle draggers. A lot of my customers unfortunately want the cheapshit ego style pen batteries because cheap


Buy the uni pro in bulk. Sell to custy at discount, but match his current battery price. take a $10 loss on each. One per custy. Then sell custy fancy glass tanks or ceramics. They will feel cooler than their other blue collar buddies and continue to buy fancy carts. trust me…I’m a fucking gangster at work with how I roll lol

Or that wont work, you’ll lose money, because you listened to a knuckle dragger on the internet…either way

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These ones are good too for these carts, pretty cheap as well. I use mine a lot and have no complaints.

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William sells all the batteries @Ascent. You will be quite surprised at the price too. You can honestly match the gas station pen price and double up, not take a loss.

Giving away iminis is a 5 dollar loss in exchange for a happy customer. Honestly, nowadays I am getting pretty liberal with buying empties too, since oil prices are on the floor. Hte is selling for 10-20 a gram. Customers are now getting more educated too


Yeah I use the pen /stick style batteries also so do all my custys. I’m using the all SS , as soon as there gone back to all ceramics unless the gen. 2 sucks

Bad when 9.99$ gas station battery has more flavor and hits than the expensive ones. It’s a 650 whatever it’s called. Not 900

But if I was buying to send w vapes or sell id go w @Ascent. This is just quick battery that works Great in pinch

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Saw you guys are talking about battery, it happens to be our major product, our battery brand is airis and Gethi, which is really hot sale at USA, great customers feedback. Here I introduce to you guys

Gethi G7, brand new stuff, 350mAh, pre-heating function, variable voltage: 3.4V-3.7V-4.2V, extremely protable size come with extremely competitive price, ove 200pcs lower than $3.5

airis Mystica2, top 3 hot sale at USA, 450mAh, pre-heating function, variable voltage: 3.4V-3.7V-4.2V, Top quality battery come with extremely competitive price, ove 200pcs lower than $7

kindly notice VE13 base diameter is 12mm, vmod I rememncer just fit with 11.5mm, it can be compatible with most of the carts but not VE13, for VE13 battery, I recommend screw on, such as ego battery or our Gethi G7 battery.

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Does your mystica2 fit the ve13?

If not, do these have the same risk of breakage that the all ceramic ones do?

They fail at the center post at the tip where the tank and tip fuses. They fit the yocann and the imini2

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Mystica2 can not fit VE13, Gethi G7 can fit

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Test some samples here:


Anyone else test out the gCell yet?

Is the PTFE close to the heating element?

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No, there is a layer of cotton in between. That was the first thing I asked too. I have done some testing with some members here. @Knowledegeispower watched me fill one with a razor, and that tester (which I overfilled to test clogging concerns @VapeJet had) is his go to cart