Airistech full glass center post quartz heating element carts VE13

Hey guys, here is Airistech VE13, full glass center post, quartz heating element carts, great taste come with healthy vapor. For more details DM me or email:, whatsapp: 86-15019492741


Now that looks interesting


Thanks bro

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I have tested these carts against all the other glass carts on the market and here are my thoughts:

This cart is refillable, without the locking ring from bbtank.

This cart doesn’t dump oil like the bbtank or kaliber

This cart requires higher voltage than other carts I utilize. It has great flavor at these higher voltages, but not the same vapor production as say the ascent ceramics

Dont get this cart sans tip. The 1ml tipless version barely sticks out above protected batteries. The .5 is impossible to hit with protected cartridge batteries.

Cost is really high. If you want them, I got 20 pack .5ml testers for 55 shipped at the end of the month


Thanks Mr Turtle, when the quantity going bigger, we should have a better price in near future

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What’s a sample box of the 1ml cost

I only ordered .5ml cause dream carts. Now that I know they are fire Imma grab the 1mls after chinese new year.

Its great, cause I have some customers that want metal free, but they dislike the ceramics. Those customers are typically the gucci bois so bow I have somewhere to send em

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sample price would be 1.8USD


What advantages do they have over the ascent ceramics?

Screw in and the structure of the base. Only quartz and ptfe contact surfaces. Slightly better flavor definition. Smaller hits than the ridiculous rig hits of the ceramics. You can fill em and leave em for days by themselves before capping

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I feel like someone should do some testing and try to find a standard ohm rating wire to use with carts.

I find lots of variation in the wire used with different carts, maybe it’s time to find the best setup for all manufacturers to base their designs off of.

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This has nothing to do with the wire, Nancy. It has more to do with the quartz material sponge.

I thought we wanted subohm. Isn’t that below 1? I have no idea though

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The resistance is low, its that quartz takes longer to heat :man_shrugging:t2:

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I was unaware the coil was actually quartz in these. Specifically, I was referring to my experiences with ceramic coils. I’ve had many register above subohm levels. It would be nice to see something consistent.

How are they for clogging? Do you use pure distillate or a cut?

No clogging @ 92/8

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i wish they were metal jacketed so they were a bit more durable. In my market those would piss people off from breakage just like ceramics will

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So have u ran ceramics?

no i haven’t for fear of breakage. A good portion of my customer base work physical jobs

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