Hey there. Was wondering if anyone has experience with these AI Vacs? Would I be better off with a rebuilt Edwards or buying this new?

Thanks to the community here, I value everyone’s opinion.

Get an Edwards or leybold or Alcatel

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I’m trying out the 5.3 cfm on my rotos. And have a buddy who ran a 11.3 cfm on a 10 liter and was sitting around 900 micron. So ittl work on distillation just not that well. Imagine it will work just fine for my roto

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The cfm rate at deep vacuum is not half as good as the recommended brands
@spdking gave a nice explanation about this
For 10liter spd you should really try the 4 cfm per liter equation
To stAy below 100 micron

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I mean the crv 24 kept my 12L full bore at 300 microns. So not sure about his equatio. It’s 28 cfm I believe. Gotta take a lot of his stuff with a grain of salt. He made a comment today that a 50L roto should be doing 50L an hour of recovery… which is like 12 gallons an hour… which I’ve never heard of anyone getting even kind of close to that

:joy::joy::joy::joy: treu but he is right on this one

Which Edwards would you run on a 12L? The 28?

Interesting. I’ll have to try that on some of my clients short paths. Now that I got my beaker WFE I’m never touching one with a ten foot pole again lol

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The 40
But I run a trivac 65 on my 12 with diffusion

What micron are you gettin to? Or is it more a speed of run thing?

I can do a whole main body run in. The 30 micron range but one could even go lower it s the amount of energie you throw at the mantel it that makes that diffrance
Spd is beyond 5 liters not very efficient
But I must say that if that new summit rig can distill those water clear terps a whole new world opens up

Diffusion is a speed of run deu to a steady vac level kinda thing
Sure @spdking can explain in depth :grin:

Interesting. I’m rly moving away from spd consultations anyways. But I’ll pass that info along

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another good function of spd with diffusion is fractionating of cannabinoids CBN in my case
It s easier to keep them in tales than on a wiper

Thanks everyone. I’m going with the rebuilt Edwards 30. Dudes giving a 90 day warranty, pulls better than factory spec $2000. Can’t complain about that price.

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Do you have any pics of this wiper?

Sounds badass

30 micron with a diffusion pump, seems kinda high. Im usually below 20 with a leybold d25b. Ive never used a diffusion we always used turbo molecular on the wipe films and would start getting thc at around 137-140c

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It s on a 12 liter spd

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That makes sense lol my bad

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