AI Rotary Evaps & PolySci Chiller for Sale, Oakland, CA


I have two BRAND NEW, still in crate, rotary evaporators from Across International for sale. We are located in Oakland, CA and ideally would like a local sale.

AI SolventVap 2.6 Gallon/10L Rotary Evaporator with Motorized LIft (SE26)
AI SolventVap 5.3 Gallon/20L Rotary Evaporator with Motorized Lift (SE53)

Neither includes pumps or accessories. We paid $6000+tax/shipping for the SE26 and $8000 for the SE53. Open to offers.

Just realized, we also have a PolyScience chiller for sale, new in crate as well.

PolyScience Cat No 6860T56AB50D, HD Chiller, 1.5 HP, AC, 230/1/60, AI

We paid $7500 for that + shipping/tax. Open to offers as well.

Let me know, thanks!

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Interested in the chiller and pumps

Make an offer on the chiller and I can see if our facility manager wants to bite. Pumps are all gone already though. We repurposed those.

4k for the chiller? I get a discount on new ones so I can’t offer much more, but if you want to sell it you could bring in the shop and I’ll pay you right then and there.

Still for sale?

I’m interested in both Roto vaps and chillers call me at(305) 968-2794

Sorry for the late response; all items are no longer available.