AI 20L Rotovap

Great condition. Used about 10 times. The flask is dirty from an old run but will be cleaned. Local pickup only. SoCal. Chino CA.


CD29-B8-E2-B857-4439-B495-27426585-AD93 C52161-B7-692-F-46-FD-87-A5-0-A04-F3-EA1-D68 F7410-B74-750-A-4916-BC03-3-E47-F0787-C42 6-D3-CCCC7-C3-C4-4-CA3-A118-CCA473-E02-AA2 3-CCFC394-049-B-4-EFD-9-F55-2-CB006-BB2865

Chiller and pump?

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Just the 20L rotovap.



Sure. What you got?

Still for sale? I’m interested.

Yes. We have Rotos, ovens, and other stuff.

Sweet. I need some ovens as well.

How big are they?

Looking for a 20l or 50l roto with vac and chiller.
Can you email me prices, pics, and specs please?


Also letting a pump go.

Edwards 30 Pump. $1500
AI 20 L roto. = $4500

I have corvette motors, lifted vans, 4x4 conversions, welding machines, pontoon boat, 69 chevy trucks, diamond watch, etc etc…