Ai 20 liter Roto vaps (x2) with Ai C30 chiller (x2) Ai 50 l reactor vessel (x2) Cryo Freezer with trailer (Sacramento)

2 Ai 20 liter rotovaps with chillers. No vacuum pump

20 liter Roto
C30 Chiller

2 Ai 50 liter jacketed reactor vessels with condensers, stirrer and various glass wear accessories

Reactor Vessel

Sanyo Cryo Freezer- MDF-U73VC
Cryo Freezer

2002 TPD Trailer 26 foot
wired for all the above equipment

Ask technical questions in thread.

Make offers by direct message


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Is this still avaiable?

It is indeed. Feel free to ask for any details you might need.

Is the AI equipment UL?

So no, then? Or yes?

How do you post an ad and not answer any questions?

It is not

I’m on the west coast and don’t spend my day on the computer. Sometimes it takes me a day to respond

Bump for having a nice trailer!

Sent DM! Thanks