Agilent 1100 HPLC/DAD for sale

18k for Agilent 1100 HPLC/DAD
1k for SRI GC/FID, test tube sparger, separate test tube heater, and gas sampling valve
It has a 10 port gas sampling for injecting vapor from the heated test tube. You put a solvent in tared test tube, weigh it, attach it to the GSV, put heating jacket on tube then after a set time the GSV switches and the vapor goes onto the column.

We also have a large inventory of various analytical equipment ranging from ICP, Particle Size Distributors, ion chromatographs, etc.


tell me more about that SRI. Which model?

And what injection port does the SRI have?

** it’s FID , with test tube sparger and gas sampling valve.

Updated specs in the original post

Can you let us know the SRI model when you get a chance? IE if it is an 8610C. Thanks for the update.

It’s model 8610

Right, but that could be an 8610A B or C. The A models have a lot of knobs, the C models have less knobs (very simple explanation lol)

Looks like an A model. A few more pics zoomed out and one of the detector would be very helpful! Thanks so much!

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Cyclopath, do you know the max oven temp for the 8610 from that generation?

No. it sounds like its setup to do head space, which I’d really like to have. especially at that price. but I’d have to call SRI (on Monday) to figure out what we’re looking at.

even then I’d need more pictures I believe.

My thoughts exactly, I like the head space notion as well. Let us know what Hugh or Greg has to say. They always tell me to be careful with all the pre 8610C models, but the boards are simple through hole PCBs and are easy to fix locally. I think I mentioned to you that I have an 8610C sans detector and I wanted to move an FID from another older SRI but the detector board and a few other things prohibit me from moving it over. If you pick this one up make sure you keep us posted how it works out in practice!

Max oven temp on this unit is 250C

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@cyclopath, did you end up finding anything out about the SRI relative to feasibility for head space sampling? I didn’t have time to reach out to Hugh this week, but I suspect that your head-space idea may work with some effort. This model would certainly not be amenable to cannabinoid analysis, but might be worth playing with for the light volatiles if someone had the time. I would love to hear of some first hand experience from SRI users who have used this type of sampling valve set-up. I have an old SRI with a valco valve like this, but we completely disconnected it.

This SRI is set up for head space sampling


Please tell us about your experience with it in practice. Also, we would love to see more detailed photos of the detector, the sampling tube, the valve config/plumbing, the injector/oven, etc…Thanks