Agilent 1100 Analytical Testing

Agilent Technologies 1100 Series sets the industry standard for HPLC analysis. The combination of our long expertise in chemical analysis with leading computer technology expands networking technology into the laboratory. $6999

Pics, vids, results, throughput etc… ?

This is an analytics hplc so I’d assume 1 sample every ~20-30 minutes? What year is this unit, why are you selling it so cheap?

Listing the modules you have with it, the column and also the software version will help sell this quickly.

@Apothecary36 When we use our agilent 1100 we have runs that are 25minutes and runs that are 35 minutes. Every 1100 I have seen have an autosampler tray that hold more vials than you’ll need.

something tells me you arent Agilent.

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I’m not Howard Hughes either.

Yr=purchased it refurbished 4 Years a go from a PHD in southern California. I would estimate 10 yrs plus.

PHD Consulting: original Seller has been available for a remote consultation at a per hourly rate. Would be happy to transfer that information after closing.

Pricing=Sold last one quick in the $7000+ range. Paid $20k.

Analytical chemists left company. For the amount of testing we do it’s cheaper for us to ship it off to the lab. Certainly not as convenient as having in-house testing.

First $6999 wins. We are in the high sierras.


The actual throughput has more to do with the method developed for your particular application as opposed to the raw hardware specs. I have run gradient cannabinoid methods this this system - quatpump and DAD detector on a 150mm x 4.6 c18 column & autosampler - about 7 minute elution time per injection, resolving CBDA, CBD, CBGa, CBG, CBN, CBL, CBC, d9-thc and d9-thca

I have seen Agilent 1100s in good shape online with agilent chemstation software and Windows PC ranging from 14k-22k. I think 7k is pretty good but would ask what is included (software, consumables, etc.). Also is there a PM/Calibration log/record?

The Agilent 1100 and 1200 are easy to work on - things aren’t as crammed into single space like the Waters 2695


Agreed! 1100 LCMS with DAD. 1200 HPLC with DAD. Everyday all day.

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Nah try 7-10 mins if you do it right.

Method development can yield quicker results, sure, but the standard 14 cannabinoid method I’ve used on a waters Xselect column with an isocratic method takes about 24 minute. My results were valid so it doesn’t make my method wrong. Perhaps inefficient, but it does what I need it to do. I also run an old HPLC. Newer models are able to do UHPLC yielding quicker results on the same methods or giving the ability to develop different, more robust methods. Other methods are truncated because not everybody cares to see all cannabinoids and their acids.

Many ways to skin a cat.

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