active recovery times?

How much faster is it than passive?


Than not recovering? Haha

Oh shit

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I’m just being smart.

What are you comparing it to, though? Passive?

Depending on the system and pumps (plural), passive can usually recover far faster, given certain conditions.

Yeah passive. I’m using one small coil I’m using all 1/4" connections. I’m considering getting just a plain old spark free master cool recovery pump. Idc about noise I’m just never dealing with a trs21 after what I read and my budget can afford it.

upgrade your line and coil size. 1/2in tube + dry ice coil(or shell/tube!!) can recover faster than a haskel.

*edit: that mastercool is a disaster waiting to happen.


Cause what I’m getting is one to one and a half hours of recovery for one lb of cannabis extracted. I usually go 100° for recovery (candy thermometer). I’m sick of waiting an hour I think a pump could help.

Fuck really?

you can go to ~50c on recovery as long as there is solvent boiling and keeping the internal temps down.

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Easily. I can inject, run through the crc (which adds time) flush 25-30lbs of solvent, recover, and be done in less than two hours.

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So I might get a new lid from @Killa12345 and modify it. I assume I should get a new recovery tank using 1/2 inch ports.

Correct. Less restrictions for the vapor to flow. Depending on the tank you can recover into a liquid line and that helps, too. Won’t have to use a coil you can just use the tank. Given you have a good supply for dry ice


I went from passive to active then back to passive I felt the active ts21 coil and molecular sleeve used more ice for me than I liked so I purchased 2 anova water heater/cookers for $40each they hold temp very nice and kept my solvent tank in a ice chest filled with dry ice and my recovery time was faster than using active but active did have its advantages


This was before a few upgrades but yeah my basic active run


Would modding the ports on my recovery tank be ideal instead of purchasing a new tank? Like use a 1/4 to 1/2 coupler and then put a vacuum flare on it? Cause modding the recovery port on my lid is easy enough but I’m wondering if modding my tank is ideal.

I have a standard master cool tank with male 1/4 connections

Was thinking of

Attached to

On my recovery tank to enlarge the port

You could, ya. You would have restriction right there but you could probably speed up the process.

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I’m gonna give that a shot next month when I have the cash to try. Cause if 1/2 an inch really outpaces a Haskell then I wanna try.

your recovery will only be as good as the smallest aperture- but as long as you’re only moving condensed liquid through the port you should be ok.


I run 5lbs through this with CRC and 25lbs of solvent beginning to end about 3 hours, water bath at 110°F and chiller at -45°C

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For a 1lb run. A haskel is an extremely expensive upgrade. If you have ½ leaving the collection, in and out of the sieve, ½ to whatever you are using for phase change (tank or coil), and maintain vac inside the tank (keep cold). You should be able to see 1lb a min. A run with that small amount of solvent shouldn’t take too long at all.

Do you have a jacketed collection or in a bucket.