Active recovery kit

Bvv offers a active recovery kit. Everything on that kit is 1/4 inch. Is that standard? I see xtractor depot has the trs21 pump with the options from 1/4 to half inch, along with the filter drier and condesing coil. What is the purpose of the larger (1/2 in) connections. I’m assuming to speed up recovery. Is it worth it to go to xtractor depot and pay around 650 more for the bigger fittings?

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3/8 i believe is standard nowadays

You want it to condense. Larger line coming out of the collection and tapering down to small forcing the solvent to condense in a chilled solution. ½ out of the pot, ⅜ out of sieve, ⅜ to pump ¼ after pump ¼ at coil to tank.

And yes, depending on size of system and solvent being moved.


worth the $?
kind of depends what you’re sucking on.

1/2 vapour lines make a big difference if you’re trying to recover 100lb of solvent, but most single pump setups won’t benefit much from the increased area.

I swapped the 1/4" lines on my first certified rig for 3/8" lines not long after it came in the door. Essentially wrecking the certification, but making the device far more usable. Next years model had OEM 3/8" lines.


That makes alot of sense thanks. So my lid for my collection has a 1/4 in on it (the port that’s actually part of the lid). Am I outta luck unless I get a new lid?

Ya not moving anywhere near that much solvent haha. What size system are you running that your 3/8 in lines helped?

just a wee thing.
max 5lb biomass.

noticed a difference using a first gen CMEPOL (air cooled condenser).

not sure I would have seen any difference with the TRS21 I was using on our MkIII terp before that. It eventually got upgraded to 3/8" hoses as well, but I don’t know that it was ever used for hydrocarbon extraction in that configuration.

Would 3/8 lines be an improvement on a passive system?

@Dred_pirate does passive, and the setup he recommended was probably spec’ed for that

and yes.

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You could open up to a ⅜ right out the lid that momentary bottle neck would slow it down, but it would be able to get moving with the larger line. What pump do you use? Or plan on using?

@cyclopath have you changed the stock valves on your cmep? If so I’m just breathing hot air. But, for anyone else. Their stock valves are ¼ and the lines are ⅜. Causing two bottle necks in recovery. Swap em for ⅜ valves or bypass them all together and it’ll speed up the pump.


haven’t swapped the valves out on a CMEPOL. couldn’t find a source for metric (10mm not 3/8") instrumentation valves at the time.

I have swapped out a ton of Parker instrumentation valves for putting 1/4" ports on 3/8" tube.

Currently I just want to have my system set up proper for when I do go active all I need is a pump and coil. I would probably use the trs21.
I’m running passive which is why I asked if it would help in that situation also. Because I probably won’t be going active anytime soon

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Take em out and take a look. You’ll see the tiny little holes. Bet you’ll be happier with bypassing or putting some ⅜ superlocks in there

It’s a huge jump in price. Quite honestly, it’s why I always stuck passive, except when I was running someone else’s equipment and then got my own trs.

I would be willing to sell it for a great price. It’ll need to be rebuilt, though.

I agree they are not ideal. exactly like the parker valves they are imitating.

not running one at this time. the 1st gen ones I’ve dealt with had 10mm not 3/8 tube fittings.

Well, the one I had could have had weird sized lines before and gotten changed, I didn’t service it and don’t service pumps. I just know I was shown how crappy small they were. I don’t use it either.

3/8" = 9.5mm. rather than 10mm.

you only notice there is a size difference when you try and use them with each other.

Complete side note.

You want to know what grinds my gears?

As “smarter” people, can extractor companies stop using standard and move to metric. Everything else is metric KF25, 24/40, GL18, M16. Those are all metric and the second we use hoses on my equipment we go full retard. Why don’t we have one inch or ⅞ hoses on our spd? That’s all done in metric.


Hose size for passive is mentioned in this thread. I have a similar question.

I upgraded my 8" hemi lid on collection tank to have 1/2" npt connections. Then recovery tank also has 1/2" lines.

I thought the larger diameter would make for better recovery speed/flow.

Is there a Max diameter or should I have gone with the 1/4" standard? System is a 6lb solvent system.

at that size, 3/8 would probably have sufficed.

once you’re moving 100lb of solvent around, 1/2" and larger lines make all the difference.

NOTE: this is water

Edit: once upon a time the folks at skunkpharm documented that 3/8" were sufficient in the 5-10lb solvent range. I’m too lazy to go find it at the moment.