AceSpinner ACE-30 Ethanol Extractor for sale NEW UNIT NO LEAD TIME


We have a brand-new never un-crated AceSpinner ACE-30 ethanol extractor up for grabs that we need to move quickly. This system can process up to 800 pounds in an 8 hour shift (100 pounds per hour). The unit is peer reviewed for state compliance and is UL listed.

PRICE: $85k (unit is $90k directly from Ace, but I need to move this unit immediately)
-This system comes with install, training, and support from AceSpinner as if it was a new unit purchased directly from them (I will get you in contact).

Here is the official website for the unit:


Hey, Butane

I’m looking for a comparison of the Ace-30 and the Delta CUP-30. We are in the market for an ETOH system. What type of chilling were you planning on using with your system and do you know antone who is selling one? That’s assuming yours has already left the market. I have had a difficult time raising anyone at the Curian website through their phone scheduling contact. I may have misunderstood their contact procedure but I’m still intrigued.

@butane, is this unit still for sale?