About D8 smokability

So, I have been using D8 distillate, mixed with tobacco, in a pot, I tough it was a very week substance, later I used it orally, a fraction of what I was putting on the pot and holy shit!!

I have released that there’s is some problem for the efficacy smoking it like this?

But what is the problem? I see hemp flower with D8 all over the place… Isn’t it meant to be smoked like that?

Thank you!!


Wow you’re saying you are soaking tobacco In delta 8 disty and smoking it. By lighting it on fire? How can you tolerate the taste


It’s exactly what I am saying, it’s not only harsh to the throat (taste in the way I have done it is good) but the effect is minimum compared to eaten.
I have mixed it with hemp hash 1/1

But what about the hemp flower they sell covered with d8?
Aren’t they meant to be smoked with tobacco in a joint, or everybody smoke them in a vape?

I have not experience vaping or with any other method that the old way (I am not a habitual smoker)

No way with this way been decarbed right?

Ideally all delta 8 is is to be sprayed on backwood guts, RE rolled, and smoked.

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What’s the difference between this and mixing it with tobacco in a joint?

When you say spray d8, are you talking about user experience or with nebulizer and other mechanics for been sold like that.
I mean d8 must not be easy to nebulize over the rolls for a final user.

I just would like to know why I am not getting the efficacy out of it doing it on this way when it would be not problem been carboxyled.

Thanks for your answer.

You have to decarboxylate the cbda to get CBD to perform the reaction. I guess you can react with cbda, but it would be decarbed before you ever think of getting it. D8 isn’t that great to smoke. I’ve taken maybe 4-5 hits of D8 over the last many months to good affect. Meaning my breathing had gotten better even though I smoke more cigarettes then I used to.

After my personal experiences with D8, I’m more inclined to just eat it in edibles versus smoking it. What’s the issue in that?


I just would like to know why it doesn’t work smoked on the old way, I make a paste of this and tobacco and smoke it…
Light Light effect.
I need to give fire to it more than once.

A lot of work when you can just smoke some weed lol

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Fo sho!

How did you smoke it?

The “hemp” flower has pretty much all the things “cannabis” does, except the THC. The same cannot be said for the tobacco you substituted.

One might argue Entourage Effect for the difference between joints made from sprayed hemp and your concoction

Or pyrolysis of your active ingredient if you set it on fire in a non-standard manner.

The product you’re starting with IS decarbed if it is D8 made from CBD.

I guess it’s conceivable you made D9 from your D8 when you “decarbed” it … that would certainly make it “stronger”.

Depending on what sort of half assed chemistry/cleanup went into your initial product , this might actually be the most parsimonious solution to the stated puzzle.


OP are you European or something?

Whom me? Of course. I don’t know what OP means. And I am not sure to have understood a thing of what cyclopath told me.

Sorry sir, I know your a great kiwi chemist but I didn’t get the solution you gave to my puzzle…

I have d8 (pure oil)

I mix it 1/1 with hemp hash.

I take a good piece of it and I mix it with tobacco. Right?

I smoke the joint. Little effect.

Then I take other piece ( but much less quantity this time) of the same mix and I eat it.
Then I get so high that I meet Shiva and all the cosmos bless me with his love and all that stuff…

Why is this sir?

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Short answer.

Every body metabolizes differently. For some, D8 has no affect at all while for others it hits them like a ton of bricks whether smoked or eaten and not always due to tolerance.

My mother can eat edibles all day and barely get stoned but she smokes half a bowl and she is high as a kite.

I myself am the opposite, especially when it comes to D8. Which due to me knowing how the sausage is made I almost never smoke, but do enjoy to eat.

You could ask John, Paul, sally, Betty, etc and get different answers from all.

Typically, I’ve noticed that for D8 especially it tends to have a more psychoactive affect for more people than not when orally ingested than smoking.

Something about when it passes through the liver thc is converted into an even stronger molecule. I would imagine this is the case for D8 thc as well as D9


Thank you very much for your clear and complete answer.

Its hard for me to belive it can vary this much only because the administration via.

Thats becouse I was convinced that the reason was something to do with the combustion of a decarboxyled substance (I have never smoke anything decarboxyled on a pot)

Thank you.

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Thank you for your answer anyway sir.

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True I have given gummies to a room of friends most got high few got wasted some said nada and eat like 200mg doses and nothing. D8 is weird but it’s probably tobacco like stated above it’s probably the cbd flower you are missing. But man I know that shit tastes awful