A2C Equipment Solutions | CANNABIS & HEMP EQUIPMENT MULTI-LOCATION Ending January 19th Starting at 1230 PM EST/930 AM PST

New lots added for the January Auction with 30+ more coming over the next few days

Any items you see from previous auctions have had their reserves lowered drastically.

New Lots Added in the past week:

-LOCATED IN LONG BEACH, CAL-Unused- Convectium 710 Shark Oil Filling Machine w/ Disposable Cartridge Filler & (3) Tota Trays. Model 710 Shark v8.0.

-LOCATED IN CENTRAL POINT, OR-Used Across International 20L Liter Single Jacketed Glass Reactor System. Model R20

-LOCATED IN COSTA MESA, CA-Used Julabo -90C To +100C Refrigerated-Heated Circulator. Model FP89.

-LOCATED IN CENTRAL POINT, OR-Used Sub-Zero Scientific 50L Ethanol Extraction System Including FFE and Centrifuge.

-LOCATED IN COSTA MESA, CA-Used- Cascade Sciences Double Up Vacuum Oven Package.

-LOCATED IN PETERBOROUGH, NH- Used- Milestone Ethos X Microwave Terpene & Flavonoid Extraction. Model Ethos X. Takes advantage of a unique microwave selective heating mechanism.

-LOCATED IN LONG BEACH, CAL-Unused So-Low Explosiomn Proof Chest-Style Freezer. Model C40-17X

-LOCATED IN LONG BEACH, CAL-Unused 10 HP Corenco M8A Disintegrator

-LOCATED IN COSTA MESA, CA- Used JWC Environmental 3-Shred Industrial Shredder. Model 3-Shred.

Bidding Starts Today!

BHO System Added today:

-Used- Root Sciences Wiped Film Short Path Distillation Automated System. Model VKL 70 - 5 RS.

Low Temp Freezers Added This Week:

-Unused So-Low Explosion Proof Chest-Style Freezer. Model C40-17X.

-Used Summit Research 16 CuFt Chest Freezer. Model VLT1250. Capable of -35 Degrees C

2 More days left to bid. Many Lots have already hit reserve!

Added Today: Vincent Screw Press Model CP -10 w/ Factory upgrade for organic solvent extraction

Do you have any roto evaporator set ups?

Yes. See links Below!

-LOCATED IN ROCHESTER, MN- Used Across International 5.3G/20L Rotary Evaporator W/ Chiller & Pump

-LOCATED IN NORTHBROOK, IL-Used - USA Lab 50L Rotary Evaporator RotoVap. Model RE-1050. Specs & Fe

Bidding Ends today!!!

Lots will begin ending at in 25 minutes

Good luck to those who registered

Final Post/Reply!