A pro-regulation article that seems to be spewing misinformation- anybody wanna help dissect this?

There needs to be a counter to this crock, they’re clearly talking about D8 conversion, I imagine this was paid for by some big MJ company who doesn’t like seeing unregulated competition


I’ve heard talk all morning about the FDA banning “chemically converted” cannabinoids and I really don’t like the direction this is heading

I think it’s a legitimate point. I can imagine the news stories in Alabama, “the feds are letting ‘hemp derived’ THC into our states and getting our kids high”.

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Isolate will be pharmaceutical…we will be given the naturals.

I’ve been saying it for months.


Sooo pharma is just letting us do all the R&D for them and will then buy the rights directly from congress?

Pharma would never do something so shady

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Pfizer was synthesizing cannabinoids in the 70’s.

but yeah, if you are doing conversions you are doing the research for them.

Who knows, they might be already on this site.

Might be on this site? I’m fairly certain they have at least a few people focused on our research. I even happened to notice that there is a new video game coming out called “Big Pharma” whose tag line is: “What if you had the power to rid the world of disease… and make a tidy profit”… I’m not sure which of the companies sponsored the game, but it is sickening and infuriating. Here’s the preview:

Try to find Larson dick on Google. He’s a fake profile. Philip Eldred’s Fairlink Exchange profile is gone from LinkedIn.
Shady as fuck.

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Is it the sane person? Who knows, because we don’t know who these people are? Nobody does.