A new batch arrives in California,Rotary evaporator

Item Model/Manufacturer:China
Description:Various models of chillers
Price/MSRP: $2800~$9900
Current location of item:California warehouse
Estimated lead time: 7-20Days
Fulfillment: Drop shipped / Direct from seller
User support / Warranty: One year
Power supply: 220V/240V/60Hz 3 phase
Support (RT) ~ (-30°C/-40°C/-80°C)
Time:order now deliver now
Whatsapp:+86 18039575547
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I am interested in a chiller let me now 9062802744 marc-20

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Available in stock in Los Angeles, the temperature is RT~-120°C, the whole is a closed circulation system, using imported brand compressors and circulating pumps, with stable performance, ensuring the safety of the experiment and the service life of the heat transfer medium, a brand new unit, providing one year Warranty period and lifetime after-sales service.

Commodity:Low-temperature Coolant Circulation Pump
Low temperature Range: -80℃-RT
Max. input current: 35A
Power supply: 220V/60Hz/three phases
Refrigerant:R404A, R23
Warranty:1 Year
Max working pressure: 3.0MPa
Max allowable pressure of heat exchanger: 3.0MPa
Current location of item:California warehouse

Chiller,DLSB-50/80,Available in Los Angeles
Tem range:RT~-80°C
Flow: 35L/min
Lift: 12m
Refrigerant: R404/R23A
Coolant temperature: -80℃
Cooling capacity:
0°C: 12050W
-20°C: 11062W
-40°C: 6688W
-60C: 2378W
-80C: 1350w
Overall power: 10500W
Max. Input Current: 26 amps
Power supply: 220V/60Hz 3 phase
86 18039575547(And there are discounts on some items)

There are brand new units with a one-year warranty

Contact:86 18039575547

Using European imported cascade compressor 13P, it can cool 200-400L tanks to -75°C, even very close to -80°C, and can also do low-temperature reactions with 300-500L reactors,refrigeration effect is very prominent, is the most laboratory to choose a model, can choose 220V/460V, 3 phase.
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Chiller DLSB-300/80, brand new unit for sale in California, discount price, please send me information.

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Looking for 1oz all black jars

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All black glass jars

10,000 to start

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