A (likely) unsolvable problem with ethanol extraction (keep them terps!)


sounds like we have another loucher :wink:

I think it was friday when @AK0YEH handed me 1/2gal of 190 he had just got back off a couple or three CUPfuls of Durban Poison (just so I could smell it… :wink: ).

It wasn’t perfect, but it was still amazing.
Didn’t taste as good as the 5pass Lezberado, which was outstanding.

at 190proof, most look at me like I’m nuts when I say it tastes good.
they stop doing that around 140 I think
but that might be diluent dependant :stuck_out_tongue:



…and that…is how Gold is made!! :rofl::rofl:

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If only our state would allow us to sell that terpene infused ethanol. Bet it would sell as well or better than top sellers in each respective market. Terp-shine is amazing, albeit something of an issue if you want to continue extracting with it.

Anyone tried to re-distill it in a roto and see if the Terps stick with either the heads or tails? I feel like that may work. Probably will lose a bit of ethanol, but one should be able to keep all of the terps in higher concentration.

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Why can’t we just keep using the terpshine for extractions?



The flavors eventually muddy.

Using the Durban terpshine on anything is likely to alter the taste of the crude.

Not a problem if you’re heading to distillate, but not so good if you’re making shatters etc.

Activated Carbon should fix it (ref here somewhere). I’ve not tried

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If you keep your ethanol and biomass strain specific, I don’t see why one couldn’t keep extracting with it, @cyclopath. If I continued to use my Durban terp-shine to extract more Durban, why would there be a problem? (Unless my alcohol is too diluted with Terps to be an efficient solvent for extraction…)

And good call on the AC. The bentonite, AC cakes we make pull non-volitiles from our booze. Should pull the good stuff out too…



If kept strain specific, “muddling” won’t be an issue. Should just keep working. Terps are excellent cosolvents. I assume you’ll eventually reach a balance of some sort.

You’ll want to throw way more AC at terp removal from the EtOH.



The only issue I would foresee would be changing your solvent properties. It would likely be less predictable as to what you’d be pulling out and your post processing?

I’d be curious if eventually turps would be more likely to stay in your extract if you hit some kind of theoretical saturation point?



Not only that, but if some of the terps retained are less polar than the ethanol it could potentially create a more effective cosolvent.



Loll this is great

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I am a little bit curious if the etoh/turps hit a saturation point.

Maybe in turn pre-loading your etoh with x% turpenes and then it won’t pull any extras during the extraction? Instead of 96% alcohol, use 80% with 16% plant derived turp blend?



Maybe something like terpshine can make it onto the market as a kind of gin?

Id buy a bottle, i know my pops would taste it with me.



I’ve already made and bottled some :wink:
Helps if you have a distillery and can make a really good starting base as opposed to off the shelf alcohol.

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Where your distillery located?

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Vancouver, BC Canada

Haven’t listed it for sale at the moment, but certainly got into the prototyping phase



Ive always wanted to try some professionally made cannabis infused liquor, ive made it myself but that was very high in thc put me out like a light and rhe taste wasnt great. :nauseated_face::face_vomiting:

I’m after somethinf that captures the smell and taste but no thc

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100% correct. This is definitely the future.

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Was just wondering if I’m going about this all wrong.

Ethanol has a 0.5nm size.

Are the terpenes larger or smaller than ethanol?
Is it possible to evaporate off solvent through a membrane? Or does it require absolutely massive amounts of energy to push through?

I’m assuming it won’t work, but I’m curious lol

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IT can be done and is already available
At 5% the energie cost of evaporation
Prices are realy steep for cannabis revursed osmosis equipment
But play a little yourself and youmight pull iT of
Membranes that are solvent proof are made by evonics and are called puramem and duramem
Check treads on this forum about revursed osmosis for more info :grinning:



I was thinking of pulling vacuum on a still and evaporating the ethanol through the membrane instead of pressure. But I doubt that makes much sense?

Or have a membrane the size of the smallest turpene molecule then evaporate the alcohol through it?

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