%99 pure CBD Isolate and Distillate available

We are a licensed certified organic hemp farm. We have sellers permit and are selling products retail online and have a good wholesale/bulk prices . We offer samples of CBD Isolate powder and Crystals

We have CBD Isolate powder and CBD Distillate full spectrum contact for COAs

Call or text +1 715-659-0448


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Please call me at 480-272-5449 or email me at hauns@petergroupaz.com


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what are you interested in ???

Bulk Isolate

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I’m in the process of doing research and development for my company and I’m looking for a new CBD vendors, would like to procure some samples if possible and will be putting in a large order next month. I just need to find out testing results for each one from my own 3rd party testing facility and how it mixes with my current recipe