99%+ Pentane

I see 98% pentane often, but I am required by state regulations to use 99% plus. If possible, I would like to buy it in eiither 1L or 4L glass containers, but I am open to options as long as the purity is stated as 99+.

Thank you!

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The cheapest solution really is to scan a copy of the label that comes on 98% pentane. Then use a paint program and change the 8 to a 9. You now have a label stating the correct value at 99% instead of the mistaken value the misprinted manufacturing label said.

Now, if the federal state or local police stage a raid searching for contraband 98% pentane they won’t know, but if they suspect a counterfeit one percent then by all means give them a jug and tell them to test it and prove it is 98% and not 99%.

I mean, who the hell even checks for shit like that???


This was gave to me yesterday here when I asked about pentane, heptane,and hexane

Are you required to use a certain grade for state reg., like acs or hplc It will help me on picking for my personal use please and thank you

I haven’t had issue finding 99% just I thought I had to get hplc grade but I’m thinking I’m starting to understand with proper ventilation and breathing ventilator mask thing lol…
And proper protection and proper purging would be the main thing then? If that’s the only reason I can’t use acs then I have all that bc it’s much cheaper, I just don’t wanna die in ten years due to it

The High grade solvent isn’t for your safety when making said compound, hplc and reagent grade will all have the same ldl50 as listed on the msds. High grade solvents have less of a chance introducing impuritys in your extract. You pay for quality, that is why I always suggest you distill your solvents before use.

we have 99% pentane but only sell it locally

Where is locally?

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I appreciate the replies. The state inspection does include a field for solvent purity, although haven’t had our first inspection yet. Hydrocarbons should be 99%, while other solvents should be food grade. I prefer to abide by regulations than try to circumvent.
I don’t know how to find carbon chemistry site, too common of a phrase!!

I’d be willing to bet that your inspector won’t recognize pentane as a hydrocarbon. OR went so far as to define CO2 as a hydrocarbon for a while.

I’d also be willing to bet that the 98% pentane you’re looking at IS better than 99% C5 isomers. it’s just the n-pentane isomer that is on the label.


The corollary to @Beaker’s graphics arts solution, is that removing the “n” in front of the n-pentane would make the new label factually correct.

how would your inspector deal with a hydrocarbon blend of propane, n-butane, and iso-butane? it’s not 99+% for any of them.

@Shadownaught is Carbon Chemistry…

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san diego

You got a certificate of analysis for your product? How much per liter? I am going down there in a few weeks.

We have our lab that can process small quantities but we will send a coa

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Ok, I’ll dm you later about solvent purchase, hopefully we can get something going!

Ah, I do like those labels that specify 99% c5 isomers, I bet I could talk an inspector into accepting that. Some labels aren’t so nice and speicific.

The inspection checklist does specifically have a field for them to check on my solvent purity, but I’m sure they will be reasonable.

If I were in CA I would pick some up Dr Josh, thanks for the offer.

Given that we’re ignoring federal regulations, states are scrambling to make their own…and certainly the early adopters have had to change their rules over time to make them more rational (eg see above re: Oregon defining CO2 as a hydrocarbon).

Actually asking the regulatory agency in charge of this stuff in your state is a reasonable starting point.

“Hey guys, how do I use a 70/30 hydrocarbon blend if the rules spec 99+% purity?”

“How about Hexane? I’m never going to find 99+% n-hexane. That’s why it’s sold as hexanes, not hexane”

“So how would that logic apply to Pentane? I can get better than 99.5% ‘pentane isomers’, but those are only certified to be 98% n-pentane…”

be respectful, but point out in no uncertain terms that their position is not defensible.

Edit: Caveat…I’ve been accused of tilting at windmills…and my response is usually to pull out my jousting rig and throw down the gauntlet. So you might want to take my advice with a couple or four dabs…

Edit: I’d probably also ask them about Ethanol. Specifically heptane denatured. It’s neither food grade, nor 99% ethanol. It is what lots of folks are using. CA’s regs can also be interpreted as prohibiting its use…

§40223. Ethanol Extractions
(a) Ethanol used for extractions or for post-extraction processing shall be food-grade

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We only sell high purity pentane by the 55 gallon barrel. Finding a packdown facility to break those down to 5 gallon is a nightmare.

Thanks for the replies everyone. If I upscale in the future I will keep carbon chemistry in mind. I ended up finding my 99+ at scientific equipment of Houston, where 20 liters is 341$ plus shipping.

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We’ve had so much interest in 5gal pentane that i may have to carry small units again. We used to sell 5 gallon for $300 and can probably do better than that now.

Glad you found supply in the mean time! Cheers

I’ve ordered and received without hassle 4L jugs of pentane and other solvents from Right Price Chemicals,


Please be cool, this is a legitimate chemical supply house.


…of course @SkyHighLer knows where the good stuff can be had!

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Xtractor Depot, $350 for five gallons of 99%,

Summit Research, $275 for five gallons of 99+%, $2,000 for fifty-five gallons of 99+%,