80% distillate

I have some 80% distillate cbd and it has crystallized in the jar. Im wonder what temp i can bring it up to bring to a liquid again?


Won’t help- you need to dilute with super well polished cbdA


Won t help as in You heat iT iT becomes fluid iT cools down iT crystelizes again
Want to keep iT a liquid then @Rowan
Teck needs to be applied


where would I get polished cbda? I have 10 kilos of crude oil from my harvest last year but I haven’t tested to see if the co2 extractor decarbed it.

Mostlikely the cbd did not get decarbed deu to the CO2 extraction
A litlle minute % got decarbed deu to time
In storage

so would i run my material through the short path and would that be the first fraction? meaning would cbda come off before terpenes ?

Cbda is the natural form. Of cbd iT is the cannabinoid on the flower
Oil extracted from biomass(flower) without heat is rich in cannabinoids in there natural acitic form
Decarboxilation is a heat reaction
Neutralizing cannabinoids deu to loosing the (acid bond)
Before we place Any oil in the SPD we decarboxilate the oil at 120C for 2 hours im a normal kitchen oven for If not the decarboxilation Will take place in the boiling flask of the SPD
A reaction with a lot of bubbles and froth
That Will most likely end up in your coldtrap giving You a lot of cleaning to do :grinning:
Hence we do iT before
Once decarboxilated the oil go s in the boiling flask of the SPD
When heating the boiling flask under vacuum the light terps Will come out(distill) first and then. The decarboxilated cannabinoids with at times Some heavy terps


Now the solution to your first question is
Take Some crude not de arboxilated cbda oil and clean iT up Well (polishing )
You can clean crude oils treu activated Carbon scrubing , winterizing,
Bentonite diatomaticus earth florasil ,Brine washing ph swings t5 clay or Any other absorbant of your liking
Even a LLE with solvents can be done
And good filtration at the end all with moderate heat (to avoid decarboxilation)
And use this rich cbda oil to dillute your
Cbd Distillate Wich Will then. Become an
70% Distillate 30% polished crude (example) having a high cbd+cbda content but Will not cristelize


thanks, ill give it a whirl, trying to keep my THC at zero. I think with the 80% - 0thc and add in my polished crude i should still be below .3 in my vape carts. ill have to run the math!

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how is CBDa staying stable?

Stable as ?

I was told by a chemist that CBDA was not stable at room temperature. Under that assumption if I add in my CBDA to my 80% crystallized CBD will it help in the crystallization and will CBDA stay CBDA or will it convert over. I’m questioning his logic as I was under assumption CBDA/THCA needed heat to convert

Cbda does NOT. Cristelize readily
And the less CBD % your oil has the less iT Will want to cristelize
So to keep cannabinoid content high
We place cbda in the oil to dillute the cbd but to keep a high cannabinoid content

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