8 Liters Broad Spectrum T FREE distillate for Sale 83%

Hey guys have 8L T Free in hand ready to go.

$6500 Per

Thank you



Can you post a photo of it please?

Here is the pic. COA available as well

No games, no gimmicks buyers welcome to see it in person in Raleigh NC as well


Did you sell this?

I still have it

People buy it crystallized like that?

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Yes its supposed to crystalize when left at room temp

That’s what I was curious about

Is that still considered distillate?

yes, it just needs to be warmed to transfer- cbd loves to crystal, hence all the cheap isolate


No worries man. Cant believe i still have it. Our of country til saturday 7/13

Its good stuff

What’s the % and COA?

83… see attached COA

Cannalysis Certificate of Analysis.pdf|attachment](upload://vuZ7i6c7GoPClkXBdWI6jdnx5MO.pdf) (509 KB)

Your file didn’t upload properly!

Cannalysis Certificate of Analysis.pdf (509 KB)

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That COA looks like isolate mixed with a carrier or something, where’d the other cannabinoids go?

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I started with biomass… then tolled into hot distillate and a buddy in Cali removed the T for me. Whats wrong with COA? Im pretty new to this so forgive my questions


My buddy just told me when you remediate the minors usually go too unfortunately

eeh- CBG should stay, CBN and CBC will most likely fraction off with the THC.


uh oh munks on to the wet isolate tek.

I’m betting that a large share of the “broad spec” is just wet iso, if I was a total scumbag I would be doing it too.

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