70% mobile phase remediation struggles

Any one using ethanol water mobile phase have a reasonable processes for removing the water from the oil ethanol mobile phase? Thanks in advance.

Hmm please elaborate more on the process you are having isseu s with
Chroma ? LLE ?


Distill off ethanol, pour off water?


The water and the ethanol will form an azeotrope. You can wash the cannabinoids out of the solution with a solvent like heptane, but recovering the ethanol from the water will be more difficult

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Dump a shit ton of anhydrous magnesium sulfate into the solution. As a dessicant it is able to incorporate the water into its solid structure and can then be removed via physically filtering the solution.

I believe the molecular structure of magnesium sulfate heptahydate is roughly 50% H2O, so you could use this for a metric to do your calculations.


Thank you everyone for the ideas. Glad to be part of this new industry.

Could you use molecular sieves? I use 3a sieves to get my ethanol from 95% - around 99% alcohol. They do leave some dust sometimes though.