6 inch wiped film

Wiper body and all components and extra set of wipers
3-2L balls
3- 1L balls
Water heater for coil
Newer Oil bath for wiper jacket.
Units works well have scaled beyond.
Is well cleaned.
Will post more photos shortly checking interest

-34k OBO open to trades


This can go for 26 k offer up?

What pump do you have for it

It’s a 14 cfm no name brand.
Gets down fine.

Hi, is the wiped film still available?

yes it is

Is this still available? Am I understanding correctly, all parts needed for operation are included?

Yes and yes all includeded

Go ahead and dm me

Trade for USDA organic flower, bio, or isolate?

This system still for sale? If so contact me at 7813063069

I gor the sane one for 15k.