$6.67 / pound Hemp Extraction in Wisconsin

We offer 30% share or $6.57/ pound quality extraction services outside of Green Bay, WI. Contact us at extract@nativerootshemp.com or 920-372-2420

We look forward to working with you.

We can process up to 2,000 per day. Limited spaces available.


70 farmer / 30 processor?

Bout to say lmao. That sounds like they are giving 30%… but then chargin superrrrr low cost of extraction ?

Yes. We keep 30%. 70% to Farmer. After all, our Farmers are the ones that do most of the work!:slight_smile:


Can you describe your extraction process used?

We use a Delta Cup and organic ethanol. We winterize at temps down to -76F


Do you have markets for your product?




You guys looking for help? I’m in WI.

Yes. We have buyers currently.

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Which part of Wisco are you in? We process in Algoma and are looking for team members right now.

Edited cuz I thought this was a dm. :grimacing: It’s early.

Hello. We are in Algoma. We run a custom made centrifuge at -76 processing. About 1000 pounds every 14 hours.

Looking to take oils to Distillate. Trying to find the best deal on equipment.

You are welcome to set a mtg with us to check it out. We are in process of relocating to new building this week and next. Happy to meet after that!!


Its shocking to me how many people who have no clue what they are doing call into us looking to build complete extraction labs because they were charged 60% tolling. I literally have 400+ sheets of paper full of info. Many never come back but its still interesting to see how many are trying to take it to the next level due to a bad experience.

30% is very fair.


What’s fair is getting paid cash for tolling


No kidding… I had a guy wanna do a split on 10K pounds… nah fam.

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While we also do a small cash price for extraction, we understand the challenges of the small and medium sized farmers who are tapped out as they look to save their farms through Hemp. So, we offer the 30% fee as well. However, before we take the product we need to test it and see it to ensure we can move the product once extracted, to one of our buyers.

A buddy of mine was going to market his own products until the market tanked. I don’t think its feasible to be a small operation right now, unless you were doing rosin maybe.

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Our farmers have been profitable. Between 3 and 10 acres seems to be the sweet spot for the smaller guys.

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I sent someone your way Friday who was asking about our screw presses and setting up a complete extraction system.

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